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Updated on March 15, 2010

SAP Jobs - how to find an interesting contract

Selecting a contract or job is always difficult for people who take permanent jobs, normally spending days, weeks or months deciding and discussing with family and friends before choosing but for SAP contractors the entire process takes minutes and is usually done every few months!

Most contractors will get a phone call or email asking if they would like to fly half way around the world to work for 3 or 6 months with only a single phone call to give them any information of what the project is about and they have an hour to decide to take the job - sound familiar?

On arriving in a completely strange city they have to set up home in a hotel with little or no help from anyone and then are expected to turn up for work ready and fresh for the challenge - most often there is no SAP password and sometimes not even a seat for them for the first 2 weeks!

Added to all the above there is usually one or two people on the project who make the entire situation worse! Why do they always hire these people?

So, how can you make this easier? well a couple of things can help, first always remember that your agent is earning between 10 - 20% of your income so they should be prepared to assist you in settling in and finding somewhere to live. In effect they work for you, after all your salary is paying them!

But first you have to find an SAP job that seems interesting - your choices

1 - use an/many agents and lose 10 - 20% of your income

2 - go back to the clients you have worked with in the past

3 - speak with your friends and ask where they are and if there is any need for your help at the project

4 - Take a long holiday in a warm place and forget about SAP while setting up a bar or restaurant by a beach!

These are some of the choices I have come across, failing the ability to take option 4 the choices are quite interesting and not too much fun.

With the agency option, there are some very good agents out there at the moment and most of us know one or two of these- but the problem is that each agent only has a grasp on a few clients which means you need to get your CV to many - now the trouble starts, you send the CV to "many agents" - not it is safe to swim with one piranha but once you get in to "many piranha" it starts to become a little less safe, strange questions start arriving in the email inbox, phone calls asking if you would like a contract in war zones or places so cold that you need insurance against the weather, what ever you answer, except yes, will usually be ignored and finally you get that request " well I know you work on SEM but would you be able to work on SD for a few months?" Question - exactly why do agents get 10 - 20%?

With the going back to old clients choice, there was a reason why you left - it is always wise to remember why you left in the first place before going there!

Asking your friends is a realistic option but it can be a little embaressing to phone a friend and ask them for a job, most people dont really like feeling used - even by friends.

So, my advise at this time is to get yourself to number 4 - take a break, spend some quality time, look for a warm place with the kind of lifestyle you like and open a bar or restaurant, where the palm trees wake you and the nearest you get to FI CO is adding your cash at the end of the night and your SD is working out what you need for a good evenings takings!

To all of you who have been through the war zones in SAP projects I invite you to come and share your stories with us on facebook - search for SAP projects from hell. It is a new idea and a new page so we are building at this moment but it promises to become more interesting as we get more stories on there!

Best of luck and if you have any other choices then please let me know and if you really do know why agents charge their money would love to hear from you!

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    • Shivali Sharma profile image

      the vibe 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Found this hub quite informative. Thanks for sharing the details.