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Updated on December 15, 2012
The SBA HUBZone is a great starter certification for businesses that qualify.
The SBA HUBZone is a great starter certification for businesses that qualify.

Reasons For SBA HUBZone

The SBA HUBZone is a fantastic certification to begin acquiring government business. It provides an opportunity to exercise federal contracting skills. Marketing to the federal government can be unlike any other entity, and will require new techniques and understanding. Will the pay-off be worth it? Certainly, if your business can make it happen. The US federal government is the world single largest purchaser of goods and services. That should be revenue every possible business pursues.

There are a number of great reasons this should be the first certification a small disadvantaged business pursues.

Reason 1

SBA HubZone does certification does not have a time limit. Unlike SBA 8(a) certification, which limits a person to a one nine-year period in their lifetime, HUBZone can continue as long as the business remains in a SBA HUBZone designated area and remains a small business. This is a good way to learn the federal contracting and procurement system before starting other certifications. It also will allow a business to make the most of their years as a SBA 8(a) company.

Reason 2

SBA HUBZone is a geographic designation which means that it is open to all people. SBA 8(a), women owned, veteran owned, all limit who can partake in those programs. This program is for businesses that are headquartered in areas that either have low-unemployment or low-income levels. The SBA determines these areas from Census Bureau data.

Reason 3

A business is permitted to move its headquarters into a SBA HUBZone for the expressed purpose of becoming certified. Much different than other certifications which will check thoroughly that a business is truly owned by the applicant(s) and the business was not merely established to be a front or shell.

Reason 4

Often, SBA HUBZone is the most overlooked certification by purchasing or contracting employees. That is the focus is so heavily on SBA 8(a), women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses that HUBZone is overlooked. Indeed, most of the HUBZone quota is fulfilled by multiple certifications carrying businesses. At fiscal year’s end many departments that bother to fulfill the law, start looking for SBA HUBZone certified businesses.

If a business would like to start acquiring federal government businesses, HUBZone certification is a good place to start.


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