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SEO Articles Cost More Today

Updated on June 20, 2011

The days of having people who live in the United States writing SEO articles for pennies a word are over, and in the past six months, writers have started standing their ground with Internet marketers about this sore subject. Two years ago, you could find people all day long that would write four hundred word articles for four or five dollars each (USD), and they would have to write four an hour to make half a living wage for a single person in the state of Texas. It was their fault for agreeing to write for these prices, but at the same time, the level quality the client was receiving was way over the compensation amount.

SEO Article Prices Are Rising Rapidly

There were new websites popping up that were more like SEO article mills, offering people as little as one half of a penny per word, and this went on for about two years. This situation does not make sense, nor is it good business anyway that you can look at it in the end. What happens is the writer is only making thirty to sixty bucks a day, if they are lucky, and after working twelve hours days seven days a week, burnout starts to rear it’s ugly head, and they quit.

SEO Articles

SEO Article Writing Services
SEO Article Writing Services

Retail SEO Articles Make A Living Wage

Personally, this writer could not touch a keyboard for two weeks straight after three months of working eighty-four hours a week. The best recourse for this problematic type of job is to go out and find retail clients that have websites, but also a brick and mortar type businesses. Offering them the articles in a packaged price that includes optimizing, posting, and assurances of each one being indexed is a great business model. This is highly profitable, and guess what, you have become an SEO specialist, and a retail SEO article writer.

Article Writing Services Should Charge More

How much can you charge your services to end users, well the answer is obvious, and it is what they are willing to pay. Just set a minimum for yourself, and if they agree, then you might want to raise your prices with the next client to see how far you can stretch your price range. Personally, if you are not charging at least twenty to twenty-five dollars minimally per article (300 words) then you are still going to be broke, and burned out once again. So get your retail article writing off to a good start, and charge enough to where you still have fun, and make a decent living at the same time.

Article Writing Prices

How Much Do You Charge For A 400 Word Article?

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    • Gary Shorthouse profile image

      Gary Shorthouse 6 years ago from Reading, UK

      Very interesting - I have just published a hub on a similar topic, but unfortunately in my experience there remains a market for rubbish low cost SEO articles often produced in third world countries and often spun.

      Useful hub thanks - voted up and useful.

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Thanks for the latest on SEO articles Jon. The only client I write for is a friend who has an online organic cotton bedding store, I probably don't charge enough but its 'mates rates' and good experience for me.

    • ecomama profile image

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 6 years ago from NC

      Thanks for the information. Voted up


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