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SEO Copywriting: $100 Per SEO Article? It’s Possible – Here are 3 Keys to Becoming a Highly Paid SEO Writer

Updated on January 11, 2010

SEO Copywriting: Why It's a Fast-Growing Niche

SEO copywriting is an fast-growing niche. And, in my opinion, it will be so for years to come. Why? Because more and more businesses are realizing the need for keyword-rich content. We haven't even touched the tip fo the iceberg yet when you consider that 100,000 new websites go live daily -- according to many internet marketing experts. And, this is a low number. And they all need content.

Add to this the fact that a scant few percent even know what SEO is and it's value, and what you have is an exploding need for content. Finally, content is not a one-time thing. Websites, blogs, social media sites, etc. have to be constantly fed new content for sites to hold their ranking. So, more than ever before, many businesses are investing in it. And, if you provide it, you'll be one busy SEO copywriter. I know; I'm constantly swamped! This means an evergreen need. Why? Read on.

Why SEO Copywriting Is an Evergreen Freelance Writing Niche

Like tech writing, SEO copywriting it’s a niche that few freelance writers target. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993, and I owned an editorial staffing agency in New York City for eight years. One of the hardest positions to fill for me was always tech writers. There were always more positions open than professionals to fill them. This is where SEO copywriting is headed.

And in my opinion, it’s simply because most freelance writers already have their niche; many just don’t look to expand their skill sets on a regular basis (which is a real shame if you ask me). Furthermore, of those who do expand, most don’t want to take the time to learn search engine optimization marketing – and all that goes with it. A good SEO copywriter must – at a bare minimum – understand the basics.

Finally, SEO is mercurial; it’s not static. The rules, guidelines and practices are constantly changing. Not only that, there are a lot of grey areas, which means you have to kind of figure out what is true for you – and a particular client – at a given time based on what they want to accomplish.

When you add all of this up, what you get is a “headache” for many. And for those of us left who brave the SEO copywriting waters? What does this mean for us? More work and less competition for freelance writing jobs – yoohoo!

SEO Copywriting: The Difference Rates Can Make In Your Workload

There are SEO copywriters who routinely bill $100 to $200 per SEO article, or more. I’ve been paid $100 many times for 350-500-word articles. Mostly, this is for specialized content like lite legal, medical and tech content. And, this is undercharging. I tend to charge less because it’s easier to land clients. I work a lot on bulk and repeat clients.

Some other SEO writers go the other route – charging more and doing fewer assignments. I don’t like lulls though. I’d rather be busier than have long, dry spells. Most of my articles are in the $35 to $75 per 350-400 word article.

Given all of this, why then are there so many freelance SEO writers who still struggle and take on $3 per article content writing gigs? Because they lack the following:

SEO Copywriting: 3 Keys to Becoming a $100+ Per Article SEO Writer

1. Marketing Know How: Many SEO copywriters look to job boards for their assignments. It’s logical, because many SEO writing jobs are found there. But, it’s not the best place to find this type of work. Why? Because most of them are for what I call “content sweat shops.”

The lucrative SEO copywriting gigs are the ones you market for. This means going after small to medium (and large) sized businesses. This means learning how to marketing effectively.

2. Confidence: Many SEO copywriters lack confidence in their skills. This is especially true in the beginning. This lack of confidence interferes with their ability to negotiate effectively.

When you know that you're good at what you do -- particularly in a high-tech niche like SEO copywriting -- you negotiate from a position of power. This means you feel comfortable asking for – and getting -- more money per article.

3. Negotiating Skills: Speaking of negotiating skills, keep the following in mind when it comes to setting and getting good money for your SEO copywriting skill: clients pay not for the 350-500 word articles you write for them, but for what that SEO content does for their businesses’ bottom line.

Businesses sell products and services that are worth hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. And, it’s your SEO copywriting skill that helps them to do it. This is why small and medium-sized businesses are good to target. They know the value of their brand and of investing in good marketing materials (content) to help protect and promote that brand.

Think of it this way, many who hire SEO writers either don't have the time, or the skill, to do their own writing. This means they need your SEO copywriting talent as much as you need them. They're not hiring you, they're partnering with you. Always remember this when you're negotiating your SEO copywriting services rates.

SEO Copywriting


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