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SEO Copywriting Advice on How to Start This Career While Working Fulltime

Updated on February 3, 2010

Want to Transition into an SEO Copywriting Career While Working FT?

As the publisher of a freelance writing website, and an SEO copywriter, I get a lot of email from aspiring freelancers about both – eg, freelance writing and SEO writing. One of the most popular question is how to start while working full time.

Recently, I received an email from a frustrated wannabe SEO writer. Following is part of what she wrote:

I work a full time job [in the hospitality industry] . . . it is very stressing . . . By the time I finished my 8 hour shift I am mentally drained and just want to clear my mind from all the negativity.

I know Seo articles [writing SEO content) is the way to get [freelance writing] clients in the door. However, you say write 10 a day. I can't wait for the day that I can do that with ease. I really want to quit my job because I am like you: Type A personality, wanting to dance to my own tune, travel and write, etc, etc. I know if I jump right in I will be a success, but I have to be practical, because I have no savings.

You say you are going to work 10-12 hour days, I can't wait to the day I can do that as well. I am curious to know if you will be willing to share exactly what you do for 10-12 hours a day. (emphasis added)

Thank You

I gave a very detailed answer to this freelancer in this post on SEO writing. Following are the most some of the points I made, and couple of more that I didn’t expound upon.

Marketing is King: My workday used to start around 7am when I first started writing SEO content for a living. No matter what I had on tap, I always started the day with marketing. Like exercise, it’s one of those things that if you get it out of the way, you can go on with your day knowing you’ve done the most important thing first.

As I wrote in the aforementioned post, no matter how busy you are with other tasks, if you don’t market for clients continuously eventually it will all be for naught because clients are the lifeblood of your business. So, do this first.

It usually took me an hour and a half to two hours to get my marketing done. If you work full time, get up early and get this done before you go to work.

Meeting Deadlines Is Critical: SEO writing is fast turnaround. But, don’t take on more work than you can handle if you work fulltime because if you miss a deadline, you risk ruining your relationship not only with the client at hand, but the clients they would have recommended you to.

I’ve been an SEO writer since 2007, and I’d guestimate that a good 25-40% of my clients have come by way of referral. That’s a lot of business to possibly forego because you missed one little deadline.

Create a Schedule that Works for You: If you work fulltime, in addition to having family responsibilities, you’re going to have to be very judicious in how you spend your time when you start your SEO writing career.

It may mean getting up a few hours early to complete projects, working late at night after you put the kiddies to bed, putting in weekend hours and/or taking your laptop to work and knocking out articles on your lunch hour.

In the full article linked to above, I give an example of one of my girlfriends who’s a single mom, went back to nursing school in her 40s, all while working a minimum wage job and caring for her child.

My point in relaying this story is that if you want it bad enough, you will make it work.

SEO writing is the type of freelance writing career that – if you market right – can get you out of your job in a few months, or less. When I first started, I had to hire other SEO copywriters to help me out because I got so busy so quick. It can happen to you too!


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