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SEO Copywriting Services: 4 Reasons Intrasite Linking Can Get You More Web Traffic & Sales

Updated on June 2, 2010

Following are four reasons every firm should make deep linking part of their overall SEO content marketing strategy.

I. Drives More Traffic: Intrasite linking keeps your site visitors on your website longer. And, as every web retailer knows, the longer a visitor is on a site, the better the chance they'll make a purchase.

Does your SEO copywriting services firm know and provide this?

II. Enhance Visitor Experience: Many companies get too focused on the hard data side of search engine optimization (eg, data mining, website analytics, etc.). While this is all good and fine, they forget to tend to the visitor experience.

This may be known in old-school marketing parlance as good ole . . . customer service.

Even though the parlance has changed (eg, search engine optimization, B2B marketing), the foundation of business remains the same - customer service rules.

Intrasite linking is good customer service because it "serves" the client by giving him or her ready access to even more helpful information. And again, as any web retailer knows, when clients are serious about making a purchase, they seek out more, specific information. This is exactly what intrasite linking provides.

This way, your site visitors don't have to slog through click after irrelevant click trying to find what they're looking for. And just so you know, many visitors won't do this anyway. They'll just surf away . . . perhaps to your competitor's site.

III. Helps Site Navigation: Deep linking helps site navigation because it makes relevant content easier to find. Again, it eliminates the need for visitors to have to search your site to find the information they're looking for.

IV. Helps Get More Backlinks: This may be the best benefit of this type of SEO copywriting.

The more informative, relevant information a site provides visitors, the more they come to rely on it. In their mind, the site becomes an "authority site."

This is important because authority sites get linked to (get backlinks) . . . over and over and over again.

The more backlinks a site has, the more relevant and popular it is deemed by search engines. Hence, the higher it shows up in organic search results. The higher the site, the more traffic it gets. More traffic means more sales.

So the next time you write SEO copy or place an order with an SEO copywriting services firm, ask them about making intrasite linking part of the overall strategy.


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      Bunny Tee 6 years ago

      Great article and I use hubpages for my links and it has got to page 3 on goggle and thank you for this Great information.