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SEO Copywriting: Why It’s So Easy to Make $100-$300 Per Day Online with This Skill

Updated on February 15, 2010

SEO copywriting is an exciting, relatively new niche in freelance writing. And it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because many website owners are finally realizing that in order to be effective at internet marketing (eg, selling goods and services via their website), they must first be easy to find. This is exactly what SEO content is written for.

And if you write online content, you no doubt know first-hand how lucrative it can be when you offer SEO copywriting services to clients. But, what if you don’t want to do this exclusively? What if you want to diversify? With SEO copywriting skills under your belt, you are perfectly positioned to do this.

I know, I’ve done it, and now earn more money from the other things I do online (because I know how to write SEO copy) than writing for clients -- which is how I started out. If you know how to write SEO copy, you can literally write your ticket as to how you want to make money online.

Knowing how to write SEO copy unlocks the mystery of how to make money online. Following is some insight into why it can be so easy to earn $100-$300 per day with this skill set.

I. You know search engine optimization marketing: Marketing online is all about knowing the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll find many writers here on HubPages who can attest to the fact that once they learned how ot write SEO copy, their online earnings increased.

This is because writing SEO content entails knowing what keywords are, what keyword density is, how to conduct keyword research, learning where to put keywords in copy so that it generates more traffic, etc.

These are the very things that you must know in order to market effectively online. As an SEO copywriter, you can put this knowledge to work to drive more traffic to your site to sell more of your product/service. Or, you can use them to promote affiliate products if you don’t have a product/service of your own.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, quickest ways to start making money online by the way. And, with your SEO writing skill, you can literally leapfrog over the competition because you know the rules of the game, so to speak. You can simply go to a site like Clickbank, select a product and start promoting. Speaking of which . . .

II. You know how to write SEO content: If you market products and services online, one of the best ways to do it – bar none – is via article marketing. This is especially true if you have little or no marketing budget.

And as an SEO copy writer, you have the skills to write the right kind of copy, ie, SEO copy. If you don’t use search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines when you write copy to promote products and services online, you might as well be marketing in the dark. This is why so many fail to make money online by the way – they don’t take the time to learn the rules of the game.

I write and publish a line of freelance writing ebooks and ecourses. My sales shot up when I started incorporating SEO rules into my web copy. Why? Because SEO content makes your site/blog easier to find online. It drives more traffic, hence, you make more sales and get more leads to follow up with (ie, market to later).

Depending on how you price your products and/or services, with SEO copywriting as a skill, you should have no problem bringing in $100-$300 day. I’ve been doing it seriously since January 2009.

Now, is it easy? Nope! I’m not going to lie; I put in some long hours – 9-12 hours is not uncommon. You have to write when you don’t feel like it, and promote when you don’t feel like it. And, you have to do this consistently in order to keep earning money.

But to combat these drawbacks, there are some great perks. For example:

The Perks of Having SEO Copywriting as a Skill

I travel when I want: I’ve worked everywhere from a beachfront café in Jamaica to a Starbucks coffee shop in New York City. And, I don’t take short vacations. I take off for 3, 4 and six weeks at a time. In fact, next year, I ‘ll be moving to Jamaica for a year.

I don’t ever have to worry about being laid off from a job: I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993, but with my SEO copywriting skill, I’ve added other income streams so I don’t stress when client projects are slow to come in.

I don’t worry about the fluctuations in my freelance writing income: In fact, because I can pick and choose the types of SEO copywriting projects I work on, I turn a lot of work down.

I land freelance writing jobs easier: Because there are not a lot of freelance writers who know how to write search engine optimized copy, there’s less competition for assignments.

Remember, this career does take work; I’m not saying it’s easy for it is not a “set it and forget it” way to make money. But it is a consistent way to make very good money online – each and every day. And, it all starts with getting the basics of internet marketing under your belt, which a good SEO copywriting training class can teach you in less than a week – really!

Learn much more about how to use SEO copywriting skills to make money online every day.


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    • couponalbum profile image

      couponalbum 7 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

      Great informative hub. Looking forward for your next hub.I have joined your fun's club and would like to invite you to join my fan's club. Keep up the good work.