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SEO and the current recession

Updated on February 10, 2011

How the SEO industry is doing during the recession

Taking up SEO careers has proved beneficial to many professionals as many industries are struggling because of the current recession. Still it seems that the SEO industry has not been affected much and shows prospects in the years to come as well. Even known experts are sometimes in trouble when they deal with clients from industries like financial services which have borne the brunt of recession. In such a scenario, the experts need to start look for other clients and other industries. If the expert is working for a company, as a freelancer for example, he also faces the consequences of recession and if he works as an independent SEO expert, then situation does not becomes easier on him. The recession has a great impact on the skill set of the SEO expert. He will be disappointed if he does not have the skills to match the average SEO expert as he will have no work probably.

Still, A career as an SEO expert is quite protected when compared to other industries. Unlike the earlier times when IT industry was heavily affected by the recessions, SEO industry in the modern days has asserted its importance by firmly establishing its position in the industry in good and in bad times as well. One of the main reasons why SEO career is not very much affected by the recession is due to the fact that Search Engine Optimizaton as a marketing strategy is far less expensive than old marketing technics in the off-line world be it TV or the state newspaper.

Since search engine optimization has become vital for any company irrespective of its size, the companies are not willing to reduce their expenses on the SEO. The expenses incurred by SEO are not very high so it helps the companies stay in the market while cutting marketing expenses all together. Sometimes there is no cut in the SEO expenses at all.

Companies are aware that the SEO ROI is quite high when compared to the other investments and that ROI is calculted very easily as far as using statistic software to measure site preformance. As the company gets money by SEO, it becomes an investment by itself and any cut in the SEO expenses results in loss of income to the company. Any vigorous SEO campaign will help in expansion of the company with more clients and income. Also Search Engine Optimization and promotion acts on the organic results prove to be quite cheaper, on the long run, compared to PPC. To conclude, Today SEO is known by many to be the most effective means of getting more traffic to the site. Getting recurring clients is a very important aspect of a business and SEO achieves this at a very less expense.

How does your company deals with the current recession with respect to its SEO objectives?

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