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How to Dominate Keywords and Run A Search Engine Optimization Campaigns That Seizes Top Rankings

Updated on May 4, 2011

How To Dominate Keywords Using Search Engine Optimization

If you want to dominate your keywords, out rank your competitors and drive a massive amount of traffic to your website there's one thing you have to keep in mind: search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization are ways to build and maintain websites which search engines loves - it gives you the edge on your quest to dominate your keywords.

If you want to get high rankings and build an avalanche of traffic; use this guide and you'll soon be dominating your keywords with search engine optimization.

In order to dominate search engines you must understand that it doesn't happen overnight. Regardless of what others tell you, search engine optimization is an on-going effort to raise your rankings.

With truth out in the open, there are legitimate ways to build powerful search engine optimization which can dominate search engines: this is how you do it.


Choose the correct keywords. Many website owners make the mistake of choosing keywords which are either entirely too difficult to ranks for or irrelevant to their niche. Use free online tools like Wordtracker to find exactly what users are searching on, use these keywords in your website and you're already on your way to building a strong search engine optimized website


Build (smart) backlinks. Not all backlinks are created the same. A backlink from 100 PR0 websites don't compared to a handful from PR8 or PR9 websites. The key to building great backlinks is through creating timeless content, leaving your link on these websites through guest posts or commenting and even going to the extent of exchanging links.

niche-micro niche

  • Go niche, micro niche. The easiest way to dominate search engines is to focus on a very specific topic - a micro niche. Although there are less searches overall for these keywords and topic, the traffic will be more relevant - ready to buy, subscribe and follow every new article released.

age of site

  • Age plays a factor. The longer the site is online, the higher search engine ranking it will have. Search engines love websites that are going to stick around - as opposed to spammy websites that may only stay up for a year. The age of your website is partly out of your hands but consider buying an aged domain when building your website - this will give you the edge to get out in front and dominate results with search engine optimization.

Take Time With SEO

It's no walk in the park but search engine optimization can be a deciding factor in the quest to dominate search engines and land top rankings.

If you spent the time to create something, spend the time to get it noticed. You can do this yourself with a little effort. Sometimes you may get tired, and can’t really see results. This may make you want to give up.

You should never give up. The site that is ranked well in the search engines is usually a site that worked at it constantly. Actually, the work never really ends. Look at your high quality sites. They usually have staff that puts this effort into SEO day in, and day out.

Take the lessons from some of the search engine friendly sites, and use them to your advantage.

Take time every day to create great content, build backlinks, focus on your keywords and you'll soon see your website rank well across the board with every keyword you go after.

How To Run A Search Engine Optimization Campaigns That Seizes Top Rankings

Search engine optimization campaigns don't provide an overnight success; it all takes time and effort. Although SEO does take time to build, results from long-term effort is a sure-fire way to seize top rankings through ethical tactics.

The following are a few pointers to ensure the next search engine optimization campaign will not only be a success but seize top rankings to build massive traffic.

No Spam

Avoid spammy SEO companies. In recent years, many SEO companies have popped up all over the web - many legitimate, others not so much. Before paying any money, research into the methods these SEO companies use to conduct a campaign; avoid SEO companies that utilize black hat methods that manipulate search engine results.


Choose the right keywords in the beginning. The most difficult task of building a successful search engine optimization campaign is to choose the right keywords. Many websites have a difficult time optimizing their website years down the line but to avoid these problems a website should implement the right keywords from the beginning: from building, launching and an on-going campaign.

Write New Content

Write new content regularly. New content is what gives search engines a reason to visit a website, crawl it and rank its web pages with search results. A static website that hasn't changed in years will have a difficult time in comparison to one which continually produces content mainly in part that the additional pages gives the second website more traffic. To create a great SEO campaign, write content at least once a week to continually build traffic and search engine rankings.

Make Plans

Plan for the future. Search engine optimization is an on going campaign. Spending a week trying to optimize a website and content may have little overall effects. Instead, plan for the future by laying out a map of which keywords to rank for, how the website will build backlinks, content that's produced and methods to increasingly build its search engine optimization.

Keep it up

It's no easy task to build a search engine friendly website; it takes a lot of time and effort. Sure, some websites that employ deceitful SEO tricks may rank well today but its only a matter of time before they fall off search engines.

Keep in mind an SEO campaign that will continually evolve with the web. Create new content, avoid spammy methods, don't fall for scams and always strive to reach the goal of the number one spot.

Do not ever give up, or try to find quick results. Your time and hard work is going to pay off in the long run.


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