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Buy Dai-Riki Bulk Hooks On Sale

Updated on November 28, 2012
Dai-Riki 135 Scud Hook
Dai-Riki 135 Scud Hook

The recession we've just experienced and may still be affected by has hammered home the notion that we Americans have been, bluntly put, quite spoiled. On a personal level, it's motivated me to underscore the value of thrift in my life.

To that end, I'd like to offer a friendly tip to all of you fly fishermen and fly tyers out there: You don't have to buy expensive hooks to enjoy your favorite sporting pastime!

A firm in South Korea has been manufacturing these exceptionally strong, durable, and utilitarian hooks. The brand name is DAI-RIKI, and the hooks I have in mind are the 135 series or scud hooks.

Having been a proficient fly tyer for almost two decades, I have used these hooks on literally tens of thousands of wet and nymph fly patterns. None of my dozens of customers over the years have ever complained about or returned any of the flies I've tied for a refund. In fact, to date, I've had 100% feedback on my online auction/store site regarding these wonderful hooks.

Featuring a curved shank and slightly offset bend, the Dai-Rikii 135 is a superb choice for tying your favorite scud, caddis pupa, and larva patterns. It's a great hook for nymph and bead head flies as well.

The Dai-Riki 135 has a downturned eye and is composed of 1X strong wire. It is 1X short and has a reversed bend and bronze finish. It is comparable to a Mustad AC80200BR, Tiemco 2457, or Daiichi 1150. Dai-Riki hooks are made from high carbon steel and are chemically sharpened.

While these are sold in 50-hook lots on Amazon, you may find greater quantity and less expensive Dai-Riki scud hooks on eBay. At least one seller on eBay even offers bulk hook amounts in four different sizes, an efficient way for buyers to tie a greater range of flies.

So, whether you're a veteran fly tyer, avid fly fisherperson, or a newbie to either or both activities, take it from me--you'll definitely find the Dai-Riki scud hooks to be a significant addition to your sporting goods inventory.


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