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Staffing Function of Management

Updated on October 31, 2014
Here is bread, which strengthens man's heart, and therefore is called the staff of Life.
Here is bread, which strengthens man's heart, and therefore is called the staff of Life.

Staffing in Management

Staffing is that part of the process of management which is concerned with acquiring, developing, employing, appraising, renumerating and retaining people so that right type of people are available at right positions and at right time in the organisation. In the simplest terms, staffing in management is ‘putting people to jobs’.

Staffing Definition

"Staffing is the function by which managers build an organisation through the recruitment, selection, and development of individuals as capable employees"

- McFarland

Importance of Staffing

  • Filling the Organisational positions
  • Developing competencies to challenges
  • Retaining personnel - professionalism
  • Optimum utilisation of the human resources

Staffing Process

  1. Analyzing Manpower requirements: It is making an analysis of work and estimating the manpower requirement to accomplish the same.
  2. Recruitment: It is identifying and attracting capable applicants for employment. it ends with the submission of applications by the aspirants.
  3. Selection: It is choosing the fit candidates from the applications received in the process of recruitment.
  4. Placement: This may be on probation and on successfully completion of the same the candidate may be offered permanent employment.
  5. Training and Development: It is concerned with imparting and developing specific skills for a particular purpose.
  6. Performance Appraisal: Systematic evaluation of personnel by superiors or others familiar with their performance so as to rank employees to ascertain their eligibilty for promotions.

Difference between Recruitment and Selection

  • Attracting maximum number of applicants so as to have more options is Recruitment and whereas Selection is picking the best among them.
  • Recruitment is known as a positive process as it contain only the process of creating the application pool. Selection process include rejection and fewer candidates are selected or sometimes even not a single candidate is selected.
  • For the process of Recruitment High Skills are not essentials but whereas for the later process, Selection, High Skills are must to select only those who are really fit for the job.
  • Output for recruitment process, creating application pool is input for the later process, selection.

Difference between Training and Development

  • Training is for Non-Managerial personnel, Development is for Managerial personnel
  • Technical and Mechanical fields are emphasized in the process of training whereas the idea behind the process of Development is to enhance the conceptual ideas.
  • Training is given to the personnel for specific job. Development process is for preparing the personnel for variety of jobs.
  • Training is always a short-term process on the other hand development is a long-term process.


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    • profile image

      James Swam 2 years ago

      Your article was very helpful to me as a postgraduate student. Tnx.

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      Rupom 3 years ago

      very helpful concept..

    • profile image

      Bernardf95 3 years ago

      Honey. Thank's for this. Hayss. this helps alot. I'm glad I found this website. Searching for staffing for Management is so hard to find. okey, Goodbye. thanks again. :)

    • profile image

      averlyn 4 years ago

      it gives a lot of information..i've been learned a lot also..

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      Attai Samuel 5 years ago

      This article make me realize that, staffing in management is vital in the sense that, is differentiate the different between staffing and employees.

    • profile image

      cris malana 5 years ago

      it takes my topic easier...

      thanks a lot, god bless

    • profile image

      Sidhu 6 years ago

      helpful & useful concept thax.....

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      shaib afzal 6 years ago

      very good concept

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      amardeep sood 6 years ago

      i think it will help me in passing my 1st samester exam thanks sir keep it up to keep us up.

    • profile image

      Abrham JJU 6 years ago

      It is good but some of them are different from other referances

    • profile image

      Safurat 6 years ago

      What a good job.Well explained and quite helpful. Thanks a bunch.

    • profile image

      manoj 6 years ago

      its realy different& enjoying

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      Gagan jindal 6 years ago

      thax halp me a lot for my studies.....

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      cha 6 years ago helps me a lot..

    • profile image

      kisses 6 years ago

      i am satisfied!,, simple but meaty in information,

    • profile image

      Mac 6 years ago

      Vry helpful indeed.

    • profile image

      HAMED 6 years ago

      great ,good luck

      hamed from IRAN.

    • profile image

      chiboy@imt 6 years ago

      i recommend it,it's hlpful 4 those dat intend to read.

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      kalyan 6 years ago

      has useful information,gud one.

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      yhala_16 6 years ago

      more explanation ......

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      jazzy_20 6 years ago

      there are lacking with your principles of management

    • profile image

      Paul Jace Marayag 6 years ago

      Nice explanation! It helped me during our recitation.

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      aira-22 6 years ago

      thanks it helps me a lot....

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      rain 6 years ago really helped

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      kent 7 years ago

      hope we can susseccfully explained our report regarding this topic.

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      colleen 7 years ago

      it's really helpful!!!

      it is well explained and i learned a lot...

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      swaroop 7 years ago

      your articles on management are very helpful..

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      it helps to the people gain more knowledge

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