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Sad and Exemplary Stories About OFWs (Supplement- Current Job Openings)

Updated on June 28, 2015

2011 Model OFW Family of the Year Awards (MOFYA) awardees

34 regional finalists for 2011 MOFYA were judged and recognized by OWWA (read details)
34 regional finalists for 2011 MOFYA were judged and recognized by OWWA (read details) | Source
3 Filipino drug mules executed in China
3 Filipino drug mules executed in China
Convicted of murder in 2007 for killing his employer and injuring his son, Joven Esteva was executed in Riyadh March 9, 2015.
Convicted of murder in 2007 for killing his employer and injuring his son, Joven Esteva was executed in Riyadh March 9, 2015. | Source

Praises and condemnation

I highly indorsed fellow Filipinos getting all sorts of jobs all over the world, especially those who are honest, sincere and dedicated in the kind of calling they’re now in. On the contrary, I have a strong distaste for wayward OFWs who- instead of doing their utmost to do good for themselves and the country- engaged in shameful acts like prostitution, working as drug mule, murder, killing, gambling and other sort of illegal activities inimical to the host country. etc.

In this particular hub, I want to present misdeeds committed by some OFWs with the purpose that they’ll serve as lessons for not to copy the same by OFWs as well as would-be OFWs. I want readers to have 100% faith in all the things I’ll write here, so I’ll not invent things. It’s my firm belief that If I copy-paste news, happenings, blogs, etc from reliable sources, the more people will like and appreciate them for having been served the real McKoy.

Excerpt from in March 2011, three Filipinos—Ramon Credo, Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, and Elizabeth Batain—were executed in China via lethal injection for possession of illegal drugs. Credo and Villanueva were executed in Xiamen, while Batain was executed in Guangzhou on March 30 that year. On May 24, 2008, Batain was caught smuggling 6,800 grams of heroin in Shenzhen. In the same year, Villanueva was caught on December 24 smuggling 4,110 grams of heroin in Xiamen, while Credo was caught four days later smuggling 4,113 grams of heroin in the same place. In December 2011, a 35-year-old Filipino was also executed in China for bringing 1.5 kilos of heroin to the country

Former VP Noli de Castro
Former VP Noli de Castro

Advise in behalf of OFWs

Vice President Noli De Castro who is also the Presidential Adviser on OFW Affairs reminded OFWs to abide laws in their respective host country more particularly in Saudi Arabia.

This blogger also reminded fellow kababayan’s in KSA to respect the strict laws of the host country in an entry titled “ Immorality a Serious Offense “. Noli de Castro’s Kabayan won a Bronze World Medal in the Public Affairs Program category of the prestigious 2012 New York Festivals. He also added that the recognition from the international award-giving body highlights the significance of helping OFWs who suffer and are in danger. “The painful truth is that many Filipinos work overseas to provide for their families. But we at DZMM will continue to protect the welfare of our modern day heroes,” he said.

Misdeeds done by OFWs

gay activity like this aren't tolerated in the Middle East
gay activity like this aren't tolerated in the Middle East

Misdeeds by OFWs

So this is it.

The following news-story is an excerpt courtesy of GMANews. TV and Bong Amora's Blog, "Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Empowerment." Amora himself is an OFW who has been working in the Middle East for the past 16 years. Currently, he is based in Riyadth, KSA.

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72 Filipino men detained in KSA for gay behavior



22 06 2009

Yesterday, I read an online news at GMANews TV about “72 Filipinos” rounded up during a concert inside a compound in eastern Riyadh. Gays are not prohibited in Saudi Arabia but display of homosexual behavior is strictly forbidden. Such offense could suffer imprisonment and lashing for immorality.

Filipinos said ”we are smarter than other nationalities when it comes to work, we are not lazy, we are very industrious, we have bigger brains, we can invent things that can make our life more easier and safer” that is why in every corners of the world there are Filipinos and it is true. Though sad to say that in every part of this world there are also “PASAWAY Filipinos”.

OFWs, please don't be pasaway! Respect and obey the rules, regulations and laws of your host countries. You are there to earn honest money so you'll not soil the good name of your country. Don't gamble your life in shady deals. You've but one precious life to live. Cherish it. Don't involve in card games with bets, in cockfighting and other sorts of games to win easy money. Forget the thought of ever getting money in a wink of an eye. Pity your wife and kids back home. Be reminded that they are waiting for you.

Cockfighting with spurs and bet is not allowed in the Middle East

Filipinos were among 150 gamblers arrested in a  Buraydah cockpit raid made on June 22, 2009 report.
Filipinos were among 150 gamblers arrested in a Buraydah cockpit raid made on June 22, 2009 report. | Source

Illegal cockpit raided

Just two weeks ago the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom raided a Gambling Den (Sabongan) in Buraydah. A total of 150 gamblers in different nationalities many of them Filipinos were arrested during the raid.

Gambling is also strictly prohibited in the Kingdom. Caught and if found guilty of organizing such gambling arena will be imprisoned for months, lashing and be deported to their respective country of origin and be blacklisted to enter back again in the Kingdom (see related entry “Massive Fingerprinting of Expats Begins“)

17 Pinoy seafarers who were hostaged by pirates for 10 months in Somalian waters arrived July 4 on board a plane by way of Hong Kong.  Grateful families and OWWA personnel met them at the airport.
17 Pinoy seafarers who were hostaged by pirates for 10 months in Somalian waters arrived July 4 on board a plane by way of Hong Kong. Grateful families and OWWA personnel met them at the airport.  New Overseas Filipino Workers (Philippine Economy Army) Models 2012 MOFYA Awardees New Overseas Filipino Workers (Philippine Economy Army) Models 2012 MOFYA Awardees
33 overseas Filipinos and groups to get presidential awards ...
33 overseas Filipinos and groups to get presidential awards ... | Source
 The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA RWOX) Region 10 announced the awardees of this year's Model OFW Family of the Year Award last September 26 ..
The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA RWOX) Region 10 announced the awardees of this year's Model OFW Family of the Year Award last September 26 .. | Source

On The Brighter Side (Exemplary OFWs)

Excerpt from BALITA-DOT-PH

PGMA to honor ..., OFWs

December 3, 2009 10:57

The President will award 16 outstanding and exemplary OFWs the Bagong Bayani awards (BBA)

The BBA seeks to recognize and pay tribute to the OFWs for their significant efforts in fostering goodwill among peoples of the world, for enhancing and promoting the image of the Filipino as a competent, responsible and dignified worker, and for greatly contributing to the socio-economic development of their communities and our country as a whole.

The BBA aims at providing proper recognition to deserving nominees, thus setting up examples for others to emulate.

There are four award categories, an innovation introduced in the 2005 Bagong Bayani Awards to allow the recognition of specific contributions of OFWs corresponding to the different areas of their involvements.

The highest honor is the Blas F. Ople Award Para sa Natatanging Bagong Bayani, which is given to the most outstanding and exemplary OFW who satisfies all the requirements of other awards criteria.

Excerpt from OWWA:

OWWA awards model OFW families for 2009

November 26, 2009 – Thirty-four exemplary families of overseas Filipino workers were honored on Thursday by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), from whom were chosen the recipients of the 2009 Model OFW Family Award (MOFYA) in the land-based and sea-based categories.

Chosen the model family in the land-based category was the family of Engineer Rodolfo Pita Lubis and his wife Sonia Zoila Castillo, who hail from Lipa City. . Mr. Lubis worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Project Engineer for 16 years, putting in one year with Bechtel International before joining Saudi Aramco for the next 15 years. He returned in 1994

The Lubis family invested their savings in agricultural land in Batangas, planted with thousands of hardwood species, as well as a trucking business, piggery and poultry farms which employ a total of 201 employees.

As advocates of empowerment of the poor through education and sustainable income, the Lubis family developed the 1st Gawad Kalinga Reunion Village where residents are given employment or livelihood capital, and scholarships for their children.

The Lubis family has planted more than 45,000 narra and mahogany trees as their contribution to the greening of the environment

In the sea-based category, the judges chose the family from Balerio, Masbate of Capt. Emilio Bajar Bello and wife Ingrid Ramirez, a public school teacher.

Capt. Bello worked as seafarer for almost 29 years, starting in 1971 as an ordinary seaman. He rose to become Master Mariner and retired in 2000 with a record of work excellence, commitment, and hard-work.

Bello is involved in various community projects and advocacies through membership in organizations such as OFW Baleno Chapter and the Baleno Fishermen and Farmers Coop. He gives lectures on food sanitation and entrepreneurship.

The Bello family is a regular contributor to school facilities improvement in their community, as well as benefactor of the parish, donating one sack of rice donation every month.

Capt. Bello has ventured into several businesses which include rice farms, piggery, copra trading, merchandise and hardware business, fish culture, and an orchidarium.

The recipient of the special award for community projects hails from Marawi City. The Naga family is headed by Zenaida Sanchez Naga and and her husband Engineer Nasser A. Naga. T

Mrs. Naga worked as Emergency/Trauma Nurse in Libya under the Ministry of Health in 1985-1989 and 1991-1995. She is involved in activities that cater to the health care needs of the community, forging partnerships with the local government, non government organizations and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in conducting intensive medical missions.

The Nagas run the family-owned Hope Healthcare Institute, Inc., a technical and vocational school that is on its 5th year of operations in Marawi, with a new branch in Iligan City. The school has 100 elementary students from Kinder 1 to Grade 3 and 375 college students taking up courses in Health Care, Computer Literacy, and Food and Beverages.

For the special award in entrepreneurship, the judges chose the Tamayo family from Quezon City, headed by Sebastian Aniag Tamayo, who last worked at a managerial position with Kuwait International Hotel, and his wife Milagros Carmelita.

The Tamayos operate three hotels and the Tamayo’s Catering Services, Restaurant and Flower Shop which has 11 outlets. The family takes pride in being the exclusive florist of the Manila Cathedral. Mr. Tamayo is the President of Far East Management and Consultancy, Inc., with operations in four major power plants in the country.

OWWA Administrator Carmelita S. Dimzon said that this year’s awardees are being recognized “for their outstanding efforts to keep parent-child relationships close and binding even though one or both parents were deployed for jobs overseas for a period of time.”

The awarding ceremony was held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel Ballroom.


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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      I conform with your idea; the government should do its level best to provide citizens appropriate health services, especially for the grassroot level who can ill-afford to buy medicine. I suggest that ways to increase funds for this particular purpose be one of top priorities. Thanks for the suggestion, Celi.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      No offense meant, and I am tollaty being ignorant, is the health services better for those working at home (pinas)? The Philhealth should be a top priority of the government, hospitals and medicine should not be expensive rather readily available to any citizen ( as per human right) ahehehe carried away na naman ako. The government should really tidy up its act as well as the heads of departments to provide every Filipino with care. :/

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Thank you so much for the offer, ayik.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Salamat po, Juan, sa puna mong ito. Ipauubaya ko nalang ang kasagutan sa mga mambabasa kung ano ang tingin nila sa "hub" na ito. {Thank you, Juan, for your comments. I'm leaving it up to dear readers to say what they think of this "hub"}

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Maraming salamat po sa inyong tapat na hangarin para maisakatuwid ang ilang mga kabuktutan na inyong nalalaman. Meron lang po sana akong hihilingin. Hindi naman po sa nais nating itago ang kung anumang hindi maganda o hindi masarap na pakinggan patungkol sa ating bayan o sa ating mga kababayan. Sa ganang akin lang po at kung inyong pag-aaralan nang mabuti, siguro po mas makakabuti kung ang ating ipapahayag sa ganitong pamamaraan ay yong mga kagandahan tungkol sa ating bansa o sa ating mga kababayan. Masyado na pong marami ang maaaring magpahayag ng mga hindi magandang bagay o balita patungkol sa atin. Iyon na nga rin po ang dahilan kung bakit ang bansa natin pati na tayong mga mamamayan nito ay lalong napapasama sa mata ng mga dayuhan. Kung inyo pong pag-aaralan, hindi po madalas na nakakarinig ng mga masamang balita tungkol sa ibang bansa. Kung meron man, hindi ito masyadong pinagtutuunan ng pansin ng mga sangkot na bansa. Bakit po kaya? Dahil alam nilang maaari namang lutasin ang mga ito sa loob ng kanilang "bakuran." Pangalawa, alam po nila kapag pinalabas nila ang mga balitang ito sa kanilang bansa, maaari itong ikasama ng kanilang imahe. Sa madaling salita, inaalagaan po nila ang kanilang sariling imahe para hindi ito pag-"piyestahan" ng iba. Atin na lang pong hayaan ang mga mamahayag sa kanilang responsibilidad na ipaalam sa publiko ang anumang balita na kanilang nasasagap. Nawa'y sa ganang atin, maipahayag natin ang anumang magandang balita tungkol sa ating bansa dahil wala pong gagawa nito kundi tayo. Mabuhay!


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