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At Home Sales Consultant Catalog Party Tips

Updated on October 5, 2010

At Home Party Consultant

If you've decided to become a party consultant, it's a good idea that you learn all that you can so that you can make the most commission and be the most effective at doing so.

For the most part, you'll find that by hosting home parties, you'll tend to make the most money, as you'll have a group of people there wanting to hear what you have to say and wanting to see what you have to sell. The people who go to your home parties, are the people who will come back for more, as long as you keep your customer service skills sharp and keep check on them periodically.

But, there are other ways that you can sell your products to make a decent commission. You can sell online via a personal website, as well as selling discontinued products and any overstock on eBay (do verify with your lead that it is ok to sell on eBay, as some companies prefer that you didn't).

Another type of party that can bring in commission and help you make money as a home party consultant, that's not quite the traditional party that you would think of in regards to tupperware parties or Mary Kay parties. This type of party is a cataloge party...

Tupperware Party
Tupperware Party

Catalog Party

If you've never heard of a catalog party, or you're not quite sure what it is or how exactly to go about it, well it's simple. A catalog party is basically just that; instead of having a party at your hostess's house, give her a few of your catalogs and have her friends check them out. The sales that she gets from passing out the catalogs counts toward her hostess sales, which help achieve her goal and chosen gifts without having to have a large group of people in her home.

Even though catalog parties are more convenient for you, as they don't take up your time from going to a party, speaking, and showing off the products, you don't want to push a hostess. If you ever pressure or push a hostess, she may cancel altogether. You can always suggest it and offer the means of convenience of not having to worry about snacks and cleaning up before and after the party, but never push the issue.

If your hostess does decide she wants to try the catalog party before hosting a party at her home, provide the following tips. The better the advice that you can provide, the more of a success your hostess will have with the catalog party, which means the more business you get and the more likelihood of the hostess wanting to throw another party- whether another catalog party or a home party.

  • Go ahead and have your hostess make her sales goal and pick out her gifts, so that she knows what she needs to push herself for. You want to make sure that your hostess has a goal, so that she is working for something.
  • Have your hostess sit down and write a list of friends, family, co-workers, and church members that she may want to show the catalogs to, in order to ensure no one is forgotten.
  • Have an end date assigned, so that the party isn't a huge ongoing ordeal. Plus, this will make the hostess try harder to meet her goals if there's a time frame of a few weeks or a month versus 'just whenever.'
  • Advise the hostess to try to get others to set up bookings because she will be able to get more rewards for getting people to sign up to host their own parties- whether a catalog or home party.
  • Keep in touch with the hostess during the time frame allotted for the catalog party. You want to make sure that she has enough catalogs, and you want to be able to aid in giving advice and encouragement. You don't want to harass or stress out the hostess, just consider a casual phone call once in a while.
  • Offer your hostess the benefit of helping to deliver the products. Instead of her having to take the time to make the sales and do the deliveries, offer the help deliver the products for her. This will get you out there a little more so that you can introduce yourself to those who purchased, and this direct communication is great for your future sales and potential bookings.

You want to encourage your hostess to take the catalogs to work, church, school, family gatherings, friends, and more. There are many people that you come into contact regularly that you may not even realize. The more your hostess trust you, and the less that you pressure, the better off your reaction and involvement will be.

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A grea tip and it could be quite a good little business.