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Sales Force

Updated on May 7, 2014

I created a company and produce my products, now what? Who sells them?
Today, any company that has as objective to sell products, needs a sales force. It is through this sales force that will make their products reach their customers.

Sales Force

All the companies sell their products / services, being the face-to-face selling the usual way to do it.

The effectiveness of the sales force performs almost always an essential role in the success or failure of a commercial enterprise.

The best marketing strategy in the world is liable to fail if not supported on the ground by competent, motivated and experienced vendors.

Old Sales Model
Old Sales Model
New Sales Model
New Sales Model

Sales Process

For decades the sellers were prepared to exercise the selling techniques through which they should be able to "force" customers to buy products or services. This form of sale, known as "hard selling", was inspired by the old sales model where most of the time was devoted to product presentation and the closing of the sale.

However, nowadays, is no longer valid this model, the model now valid is the new sales model, where the emphasis is on customer relationship and not in the product presentation.

This position requires the seller to develop an attitude of great attention to the customer and a technique based on the questions in order to determine accurately not only the explicit needs, but also the emotional diagnosis of the client, because in all face-to-face selling are always an emotional transfer.

One of the most famous methods in this area is called SPIN.

SPIN Method

  • Situation - Questions that provide the context
  • Problem - Questions about issues, problems and customer dissatisfaction
  • Implication - Questions that deepen customer problems and show all its consequences in the short and long term
  • Need-payoff - Latest questions of a sales process, those in which customer responses directly lead to closing the sale

Vendors Attitude

To externalize a good attitude, the salesperson needs to feel good about himself, for that is necessary that he:

  • know very well the product;
  • be familiar with selling techniques;
  • believe in himself;
  • have objectives and goals well defined;
  • be able to manage their time to reach them.

To develop this kind of self-confidence are fundamental steps:

  • see himself as unique responsible for the sale;
  • assume a position of advisor to the customer;
  • be results oriented;
  • train continuously;
  • always look on the bright side of things;
  • be persistent;
  • maintain a stance of integrity to the customer;
  • always be committed to excellence.

Vendors Tasks
Vendors Tasks

What a Seller has to do

Sale - Any oral presentation, developed in an interview with one or more potential buyers and with the aim of achieving a deal.

Exploration - Identification of potential customers with interest, near which an effort will be made for sale, by himself or by another.

Information and descending communication - A personal communication from the seller for the recipient is generally more powerful than the communication through the mass media, because it is interactive and therefore can adapt to the characteristics, desires and reactions of interlocutors. It constitutes, in certain circumstances, the main task of a salesperson.

The preparation and implementation of a particular purpose -One of the main tasks of the technical and commercial vendors is to identify the customer needs to make it a well suited proposal.

Aid for resale - When the seller is addressed, not the end-user product, but an intermediate distribution, not content, usually for an order, and should also help your buyer to resell the product to the customer.

After Sales Services - After-sales services, such as the formation of buyers or users or maintenance of products.

Information and ascending communication - Forward to his own company, interesting  information that it collects about the needs and wishes of customers, about the actions of competition on market trends, and all other matters that have influence in the company business.

Get information about payments -  Collection of information on ability to pay, particularly among new customers, and sometimes interfere with the proper collection process, identifying the internal circuitry of payments from clients, potential roadblocks and even collecting payment.


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