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Sales Managers Must Lead by Example

Updated on November 1, 2015

Leading by example can be a crucial thing to ensure sales managers are perceived as “human.” For example, a sales manager who seems “disconnected” from the sales staff is certainly not going to win over the hearts of the other staff members. Coaching sales staff and working with them is imperative. In a management position it is important to have a calm temperament and a lot of patience. Sales managers without endearing traits will only infuriate the sales team. Maybe that is the problem. Sometimes it seems as if the word “team” gets forgotten.

By showing up to work every day ready to work with clear goals in mind, it sets a positive example for the sales workers and shows dedication. Also, it is important for the manager to maintain a good attitude and mindset. In order to have a good attitude and mindset, it takes trying new tactics and strategies to sell. Sometimes it is necessary to try new things and adapt to different situations. Depending on the product or service being sold, or the type of customer or client being worked with, the approach cannot always be kept the same through each situation. Adapting and improvising while positively overcoming obstacles and objections is an important key to a good work environment. When a sales manager demonstrates the ability, willingness and flexibility to change and is starting each day with a clean slate, it rubs off on others. It is important to start every day as a fresh and new positive opportunity. Doing all of these things is a true indicator that the sales manager is leading by example. When these actions are done, the sales associates are likely to be more comfortable with the sales manager, which eventually leads to conveying more trust.

What Doesn't Work

Conversely, a sales manager who rules with “an iron fist” is not going to ultimately be effective at maintaining a productive sales force at the company. If the perception is that the sales manager is not reasonable, employees will get frustrated, and they will also get temperamental. If they feel that they cannot get anywhere in communicating with the sales manager, they will probably be less motivated to do well, resulting in lost production for the company. In that case, just the opposite of good teamwork has occurred. In most cases, the disgruntled member of the sales team will probably want to look for employment elsewhere. Sales managers, be approachable and friendly with your associates. It will pay off for the company and everyone involved in the long run.


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