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Cutting Your Business’s Sales Costs by Outsourcing

Updated on March 4, 2014

For many companies a perfectly balanced sales sheet is the equivalent to the Holy Grail. Often it seems like getting your business’ sales sheets to balance is just as hard as finding the Holy Grail. If your business is spending too much money on sales and not seeing enough revenue, then it is definitely time to act. Determining where and how you can cut costs while still increasing revenue is extremely difficult. This is where outsourcing your sales force can help.

Cutting Costs without Reducing Revenue

Outsourcing your sales force is a great way to reduce the costs associated with selling your product and can help improve revenue at the same time. There are many ways in which a dedicated outsourced sales team such as Cydcor can help you accomplish these feats. First, removing your sales team from an in-house investment can reduce the costs associated with maintaining a full-time sales staff. Less money can be spent keeping your in-house team up and running. These can include the costs of recruiting sales team members, training them about your products and then paying for them to travel to your customers.

On the other hand, outsourcing allows you to eliminate these costs because your sales team will be out of house. It can also help your business increase its sales at the same time. This is because a dedicated sales team from Cydcor already has a developed team of sales professionals, complete with market knowledge, tested strategies and existing sales relationships. An outsourced team can go to work right away. They do not have to spend time researching your product or developing a strategy.

Outsourcing Sales

There are a number of other ways that outsourcing your sales force can help you to cut costs. For example, specific sales executives can be chosen from locations close to your clients. This eliminates the costs associated with travel expenses and creates a better customer to salesman relationship. Third party sales forces have a sales generation-based pricing model, which makes budgeting for your sales department much easier. You no longer have to pay for a fixed investment that doesn’t provide adequate returns. Another way that sales force outsourcing can help you to cut your sales costs is by allowing your business to spend money on sales only when it needs to. This spending flexibility lets you pay for a sales team when you need it the most and save on the costs when you don’t need them.

By freeing up the cash your business spends on its in-house sales force you will be able to re-direct that money towards market innovations and the development of new products. While you are working to increase your business’s productivity and expanding its product line, your outsourced sales team is using their knowledge and skill to increase your profits.

Cydcor Named Global Leader In Outsourced Sales


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