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Sales Success Tips - How To Close Yourself First And Be A Great Sales Person

Updated on January 7, 2018

3 Fundamental Factors To Succeed As A Sales Person

How to success in sales. Look, How successful you become in sales is truly up to you. If you are looking for ways to be a successful salesperson and how to be a better sales person, then congratulations.

Once the desire is there the next thing you must recognize is that to be great, there are no short cuts and that experience does not always equal mastery. You need not just a solid foundation, but the right foundation. If you've been selling for many years, there's a chance you've been making it up as you go along, but now you have come to realize that you can't depend on an economy. Do you want to get better or keep getting lucky? Which one do you have the most control over?

You need to be sure of yourself - you need to close yourself.

The Flip Side Of Me, Money and The Machine

What Is The Flip Side Of Me, Money and The Machine?

In the car business, there is a classic response to “I need to think about it.” It’s called the 3M Close. At least that’s how I learned it. Me? Money? Or The Machine? Whenever someone says to you, “I need to think about it.” The traditional response is usually something like this:

“I understand you need to think it over, this is a big decision. You know when it comes down to it, there are only three things you’ll be thinking about. Can I share them with you? First, is this the right vehicle? Second, am I and is my company where you want to do business? Finally, does the money make sense? So let me ask you: Are we on the right car? Have we treated you well? Does the money make sense?”

This is learned in Salesperson 101. You can modernize it, adjust it and work it into any situation. However, there is a flip side to this classic close and only one reason it will not help you get a decision from the buyer.

Consider the following quote from Grant Cardone: “When value exceeds price and a decision is insisted on, the sale is closed.”

How Sold Are You?

The Flip!

So, here comes the flip side… are you ready?

What does it take to be able to insist? If you are struggling with insisting on a decision, there are only three things that are standing in your way. Can I share them with you? Hopefully, you said yes, because I’m going to anyway.

  1. Me – are you sold on you? Are you the right person for the job? Are you confident in yourself and your ability to deliver? You need to be sold on you. Think of the greats in and from history. Muhammad Ali. He was sold on himself before he got anywhere near a ring. What is the mindset of a great actor like Al Pacino? He knows he’s right for the part before he gets in front of the camera. Henry Ford was sold first on his ability to bring the automobile to the average Joe before he started building. So you need to get sold on you and why you’re the right man or woman for the job. If you’re not sold, you can’t sell.
  2. Money – Do you believe that the product you’re selling is worth MORE than the price you’re asking? Seriously, another fundamental selling tool is to give a double dollar, triple dollar presentation. But are you sold? Do you believe that the product is worth more that the asking price? I mean deep down in your core being? You have to be so certain that your product and your offer is perfectly reasonable and a bargain. In order to insist and to be unreasonable about the validity of your offer, you must KNOW your offer is completely reasonable.
  3. The Machine – So you get your client jacked up on the product and then go and trash talk it with your co-workers because the navigation isn’t as good as you expected or the lines on the redesign suck. If you are not completely sold on your product being the best product in the market for your client and if you’re not enamored with it yourself, you will always have trouble getting full value for the product. Find a way to literally fall in love with your product and then share that love and conviction with your clients.

Now What?

If any of these three things are out of alignment you will find yourself slipping into a plateau or worse going backwards in your production. Actually going straight is going backwards or worse. What else has a flat line? Think about that for a second…

Moving forward, what do you do now that you’ve uncovered the flip side to me, money, and the machine?

Before you start your day, get sold on you. Get your head on right, get in the game and get prepared to do something wonderful for someone. Spend some time on your goals and your dreams. How are you creating the life you want and deserve? What is your why? Why you? Why this product? Why this company? NOTE: Don’t chicken out by just saying because we’re the best. Really answer those questions.

SUCCESS TIP #1: Start your day with 10 minutes of Cardone On Demand / Cardone University. Use these 10 minutes to create a fantastic day for yourself. Use these 10 minutes to get your attitude on right!

During the day, when you’re working a deal, if you’re not 110% sold on the figures you’re about to present, do your client a favor and don’t present them. Either get sold on the offer or have someone else present it. If a dog can smell fear, believe you me, a customer can smell an uncertain salesperson from a mile away!

SUCCESS TIP #2: The Quick Fix Solutions in Cardone On Demand / Cardone University was designed to help you present an offer from a place of confidence and certainty. Once you know the product is the solution and are confident in your ability to handle the concerns of your client you will be able to close on the figures presented. You just need to know what to say if the client says “X” whatever “X” turns out to be, rest assured there will be an answer in our Quick Fix Solutions. So, before presenting a proposal, prepare. A pitcher goes to the ball pin before taking the mound and the batter practices his swing before stepping up to the plate. Professional sales people owe it to their client and family to prepare for a negotiation.

Speaking of sports, if a football team runs a bad play that costs them the game, what are they doing in practice on Monday morning? I mean after the coach “talks” to them. That’s right, they’re going to run that play until it isn’t a problem anymore. Same goes for you. When you don’t close a deal, find out where you sprung a leak and fix that sucker! Were you sold on you, your product and your offer or did the client sell you on why they won’t do business with you? Notice it’s not about can’t. The majority of the time it’s not about a can’t. It’s a won’t. Take full responsibility for the deal and then run the play over and over again.

SUCCESS TIP #3: Cardone On Demand / Cardone University plugs the leaks in your sales process. You can handle anything you need to handle, from maintaining a solid foundation to the basics of greeting, fact finding, presenting and closing. If you’re struggling with a specific issue you can use Cardone On Demand / Cardone University to fix the leaks in your process.

Success, as Grant tells us, loves preparation. You’re not in this to fail. Be in it this for a purpose greater than yourself. Whether you’re struggling with objections, phones, prospecting, you name it, you have be confident in yourself being able to handle any situation that presents itself. Then you need to know and believe that your product is the solution and that at your price it’s a bargain! You need to do this daily if not multiple times a day.

What do you think? Where are you sold and where are you not?



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    • David R Bradley profile imageAUTHOR

      David R Bradley 

      5 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      Excellent! Thank you for reading and chiming in! Check out some of the other HUBs on sales and selling above as there will me good info for you to roll into the marketing aspect

    • Abundant old soul profile image

      Abundant Old Soul 

      5 years ago from united states

      Very useful hub! Thank you! I am starting over in a new career. I am learning every day,but the lessons that are the most difficult for me are the marketing ones. So I fond this to be helpful.


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