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Sales Tips for Avon Representatives

Updated on September 1, 2011

Sales Tips for Independent Sales Agents

Along with a more than ten million other independent sales agents in the United States, I sell my product directly to the public. As a Avon rep, I am in competition with -- not only other Avon representatives -- but also with other direct sellers... and with stores in my local area and... a ton of online shopping networks. You have to be a savvy agent to get those sales and make top money. I have made President’s Club Sales Level every year since I joined Avon six years ago.

Holiday Sales

With the holidays quickly approaching, every selling entity will be looking for more than their fair share of the revenues! If there are any sales tips that might make a difference... that might throw that sale your way... one of these might be it.

Making Your Own “advertising” Order Form

Tip #1: I make my own special customer order form that includes 2-to-a-sheet of paper. On the top is place to put name, address, contact and delivery information. On the bottom are the order and delivery dates for the next 3 campaigns. On the back is a place for referrals, a note about crochet and fresh produce I sale, and any advertisements I have. I also offer specials on the back, such as a coupon off special items, I offer to my personal delivery customers. I put these in the delivery bag each campaign.

Offer Gift Bagging for Holidays and Birthdays

Tip #2: The information on the back of my order form is self-explanatory:

Campaign 22 starts our Christmas Holiday Shopping
Order your Christmas and Birthday Gifts from me and
The gift comes in a white Avon tote with tissue paper
Just label the bag and you are through shopping!

You can buy the tissue paper at Dollar Tree or another bargain store. During the Christmas holidays you can get the white, and the red and the sparkling paper. Stock up for the year! Keep in a plastic tote you can also get at Dollar Tree. For less than $20 you could buy enough tissue paper for the entire year!

Give a Sweet Treat to Your Customers

Tip #3: I also put a few pieces of peppermint or other hard candy in the delivery bags. My customers have started to look for their “treat” as soon as they unpack their bags.

Giving Discounts During Holiday Seasons

#4: During the last few campaigns of the year – especially during holiday season – I offer to pay the order processing fees. It is just 75¢ per customers, but they know I am thinking of them. I also give an across the board discount to my good retail customers during the last two campaigns of the year, as well as the first campaign of the new year. These are typically times when orders are low, but it does bring in orders!

Handling Returns

Tip #5: I also get my customer to unpack their order while I watch to make sure they are getting what they want. If something doesn’t fit or they change their mind, I deduct the price of the item right then. I don’t like returns, especially when I go back to take their next order or make their next delivery. And I do my returns the night before the order and final payment is due. I do the returns, get the credit, and pay my final bill. Then I place my next order.

If you want more information about joining my Avon team, you can find my contact information at

Just something to think about...


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