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Sales Training Techniques

Updated on January 2, 2012

Sales Techniques

Unfortunately, conventional sales training manuals and any form of sales training course have failed to make a big impact on most sales people. According to a recent study, a sales training program of any type does not alter the results, behavior or attitudes of most salesmen.

Reading a sales training manual is, in fact, not enough. Perhaps it could not be more emphasized that a coach is needed in any sales training course. As a salesperson, you are not only attempting to inculcate new information, but you are also required to alter some of your very own behaviors—and this is only made more possible with the presence of a coach.

According to the recent survey that tried to find out the main reason why coaching and training groups fail, the primary explanation of unsuccessful training is a company’s ‘management’.

Management of companies often rely everything concerning the sales training program to the sales training company or the trainer and neglect to do their part in the actual coaching.

So for a sales training program to be successful, it is important for an observer (who may come from the management) to ensure that the information and tips that were taught during the course and mentioned in the sales training manual are truly employed in reality.

In addition, the management should also bear in mind that any new skill acquired from the sales training course serve as a paradigm for workers. Listening to and comprehending information is one thing—applying this data is another.

A paradigm, in particular, symbolizes a change as a result of the sales training program. This is undeniably difficult as a sales consultant is required to create new behaviors to replace the old ones.

Finally, sales managers or coaches are guides for employees in taking in and absorbing new information. Remember that change takes time and it requires serious discipline from the sales consultants themselves.

Acquiring Talent

Sales Training is often not enough.  Your management needs to be sure that they have the right talent on staff to meet sales goals.  Talent Acquisition is a skill that many individuals need to have to be able to run an effective Sales Team. 

By acquiring the sales talent that can be successful with the product you are selling you'll be able to achieve all your goals and grow business. 

Its important to make sure that management teams are also capable of keeping your talent and trained individuals.  If management drives them away than there is no way to be successful with your activities.  Train your management on talent acquisition and retention techniques to ensure you have the most effective and qualified staff. 


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    • estherluzfranco profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      I really don't have the talent to become a good sales person. But I guess with the help of the manual, I may become a better sales personnel. You see, I have been selling stuffs in the internet and outside the web but I only get few sales. I could really use extra help. Thanks for this.!

    • Shawn Scarborough profile image

      Shawn Scarborough 

      6 years ago from The Lone Star State

      Nice hub. I agree with your point that it is important to acquire talent. Finding good sales people can be the most difficult part of a sales manager's job. Having a good sales training program is also essential to having a good sales team.


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