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How to improve your product sales techniques

Updated on November 27, 2011

Driven by sales

sales techniques to drive your sales figures to new heights
sales techniques to drive your sales figures to new heights

These sales techniques will help you to understand why people buy products

How to become a better salesman.

I am going to explain to you simply, in this article on sales techniquesyou can master, what it is that makes a person decide to buy a product. This is going to help you understand what sales strategies it is you need to know in order to improve your sales techniques and hone your sales skills, making you the best salesman that you can be.

Why people buy products

Why do people buy a specific product ?

The answer is simple.In its simplest terms, people will buy to alleviate dissatisfaction.

All human action arises from a feeling of dissatisfaction of some kind. People will act to alleviate this dissatisfaction by a move towards a level of greater satisfcation and will look for this in products. Any human action is in fact then an attempt to improve conditions in some way.The primary motivator of all human behaviour is the desire to be better off after the behaviour then before the behaviour.

If the individual does not feel that he or she will be better off as a result of taking the action, he or she will not do anything at all. Your prospective client will say "leave your product with me and let me think it over." which is customer speak for "Goodbye, I'm not convinced that i will be better off with your product than i would be by keeping the money that it costs"

Your Product is an Improvement

To be a better salesman, you need to sell the benefits - not the product.

You must always present your product or service an an improvement on what your prospective client is using at the moment.People do not like change.They fear it. They will try to avoid it all costs.However, the main objective is for someone to be interested in being better off or having some form of improvement in their life.It sounds contradictory, but its fact if you think about it.

When you present your product or service as a natural extension to what your prospcet is already doing at the moment, as only a better way to accomplish the same goal, he or she will always be open to your offer. The words"new,""better" and "improved" are amongst the most powerful sales words you can use in the selling and marketing of any product.These terms appeal to the basic motivator of all human action and emotion.


Because each person acts to improve his situation, every act is a rational act. It is based on the perception of the actor. It has an end in mind ie. improvement. It may or may not lead to the desired improvement, but it is always rational from the point of view of the customer. Customers do what they do because they believe it is the best way to get what they want under the best possible conditions. Thus the act of buying must be seen as a rational act in order for a purchase to occur.Always keep this in mind.

The selling rules

Selling rule number one will always be the customer is always right.Rule number two will always be therefore to refer to rule number one when in doubt.Your customer is always correct , based on his current information, on his or her perception of the appropriateness of your product or service to improve his or her current situation. This a foundation principle in understanding human behaviour with reference to sales.

What is that the top sales person does

What is a good salesman and how can you be a better salesmen.

Top salespeople always focus their sales promotions on the consequences, on the ownership and on the enjoyment of their product or service.

Average salespeople focus instead on explaining how their product or service works, or how it was developed and how it compares to other products on the market.

To put it another way, top salespeople talk about what it "does", while average salespeople talk about what it "is".

You need to remember that people will buy the consequences they expect from owning and using your product or service. They will not buy the product or service itself. In the customers mind, your product or service is a means to an end. The product is merely the way the customer will get form where he is to where he wants to go. In that respect, the product or service will have no emotional value whatsoever. It is only the end result in mind that has any power or relevance in their decision to buy the product or service.

This is why you often hear of someone saying that it is not products that people will buy, but a sloution to their problems. They do not buy services, they buy ways to help them achieve their goals.Prospects do not buy the features of your products or services, they purchase the improvement that they anticipate enjoying in their lives and work as a result of those features. It is the anticipated benefits of ownership and enjoyment that are the key motivating factors in making any buying decision.

Thus we have learnt...

That by example, people do not buy life insurance. They buy the feeling of security that they will enjoy knowing that their loved ones are properly provided for should something happen to them.People do not buy automobiles. They buy dependable and attractive transportation that gives them greater freedom to move around among the important activities of their lives.People do not buy computers.They buy the increased efficiency that will enable them and others to get theri jobs done faster, with greater accuracy and at lower costs.

In every case you consider, as Im not sure what type of career each reader is in, it is the customers ability to envision a desirable future state brought about by your product or service that motivates him to buy it.

So as promised, that is what makes people buy.

Please feel free to browse around and leave a comment if you wish. Ihope this helps to improve your sales.

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I hope this helped you to increase your sales figures

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