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Friendly Lobby Directory Signs

Updated on May 26, 2013

Sign Language is Like Body Language

What's in a Sign?

Success breeds success. That's why using a professional company that specializes in nothing but signs, and insisting on a classy dignified sign, is the best way to have directory signs in the lobby that will show everyone the top quality of the management of the building and its business occupants.

User-friendly directory signs are mandatory in a building lobby, but they are also a proud way to advertise in a very subtle and gentle way. It is the softest of soft sells, but it can help win people over.

It's not polite to stare, so why make newcomers to the building stand and scrutinize a sign until they are frustrated? There are methods for making signs quickly understood by new visitors arriving at the building, and other inventions that make signs easy to change when necessary. Those are mechanical necessities.

Attractiveness applies to inanimate objects as well as to ourselves. Directory signs should have highly desirable visible features. Marring a sign with inconsistent lettering is intolerable and makes a poor impression. It's like a salesperson with tomato sauce on the collar after lunch.

When it comes to reading, no one wants eye strain for the sake of ornate lettering. The printing on the strips, containing the company name and suite number, should be professional and clear. Laser printers are the finest way to produce excellent quality. The same style and size of the printed message should be maintained consistently throughout changes over time.

Remind people of where they are located, so they won't forget where you're located. The address of the building should appear on the top of the sign in very clear bold print. It should be presented proudly so as to give the visitor the message that he or she will be treated with respect.

Similarly, the names of the individual companies that are the tenants in the building also should appear in very dignified lettering. This will impress the visitors with the success of these tenants, radiating images of high self-esteem.

Show some signs of intelligence when laying out a sign. Good directory signs have logical arrangements, such as listing numerically by suite number, starting with the first floor. Or, if one company occupies the entire premises, an alphabetical listing of departments might be appropriate.

First impressions definitely can last a lifetime. Good looking directory signs help the businesses in the building by showing their new clients a first impression of success. A first class directory in the lobby reflects the excellent reputations of the tenant occupants.

But for clarity in the world of signage, brevity is certainly the law. Visitors do not want to read more than 3 or 4 words describing a company and telling where it's located. But the way those words are presented is all-important.

Is there anything in it for you? A dignified presentation on just a directory sign can be worth its weight in gold as a supplement to more direct advertising. The visual appearance of that sign will set the stage for a first meeting between client and firm in the suite down the hall or up the elevator.

Don't overlook the obvious as many of us often do. Directory signs are underrated in their impact on visitors. Seeing a business name in impressive print, on a first-caliber directory sign, makes a lasting impression.

But when people shortcut the process and don't demand the best quality a signage firm has to offer, everyone--tenants, building owners, and customers alike--will suffer, and the sustained success of the building occupants will be jeopardized.


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