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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on May 28, 2011

Your guide to acing an interview

Behavioral interview questions are meant to test your…well, behavior, as what the title indicates, and these questions should be answered with care and if possible with much consideration as to what impression you answer might convey.

It is true that you should be completely honest when answering interview questions, especially behavioral ones, but sometimes we tend to blurt out things in a different way that we are unable to transfer the message the way we want to.

Here are some common behavioral interview questions and answers that you can practice on.

Tell me a time when did something that you didn’t like

"When I was working as a customer service representative, I was chosen to pioneer one of the new inbound customer service accounts where we handled after sales inquiries. The problem was I did not like phone interaction with customers; I was a chat support agent and have been one for the longest time. But since I was offered the job and it is my responsibility as an employee to help get the job done, I accepted the job and it turned out that speaking with customers is not so bad after all."

Give an example where you worked your way towards achieving your goal

“I started working at a manufacturing company right out of high school. While there, I worked as hard and as smart as I could and rose up to the highest possible rank without having a degree. I then enrolled at a university to finish a business degree, then after graduating the company offered me an even greater responsibility. That for me is one of my greatest achievements”

Give me an example of a time when you motivated others

“The recent financial crisis led many companies to downsize; it affected almost every industry including ours. Many of my co-workers back then were looking for other jobs because they were afraid that they might get laid off. Recognizing the problem, I started talking with my team and told them that we cannot abandon the company, if we do our job well the management will notice and we’ll be too valuable to let go of. So we stuck with the company and started multi-tasking since a lot of jobs were left vacant. The company made it through the crisis and we all got a reward for doing a good job.”

Those are 3 examples of behavioral interview questions and answers that you can model from. Do not copy those answers especially if it does not apply to you. Recruiters are really good when it comes to spotting dishonesty.

And if you’ve been reading closely, you should've noticed that the answers start with a situation, followed by an action, then an outcome. Go over the answers again and check. That is how you answer these type of questions. Situation, action, then outcome. There are loads of other behavioral interview questions and answers out there but the most important thing is that you answer them with honesty and practice delivering them in an effective way.

Share you own interview questions and answers

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    • profile image

      Asfarkhan Patel 

      2 years ago

      One day I went through some company-wide lay-offs.

      The team of five Mechanical Engineers that remained in the department had to absorb the duties of the two that left.

      As a result, people were overworked and morale suffered.

      At the same time, more mistakes were being made because attention was so scattered.

      As the Project Engineer, it was my job to get performance back on track.

      I scheduled a meeting of the full team to discuss strategies.

      I communicated my appreciation for all of their hard work during a challenging time for the company.

      I asked for their assistance in identifying ways for us all to be more efficient –including me!

      I made it clear that this was a brainstorming meeting to come up with options — that no idea was stupid and that it was a safe environment for making suggestions.

      We spent an hour capturing ideas on a white board, and then voted on the five with the most potential. I then assigned each person to do more research on how we might implement one of the ideas.

      First of all, the team responded very positively to this approach. They loved the idea of being empowered to help find a solution. Instead of complaining, they channeled their energy in a more productive way once they knew that they would be heard.

      Right off the bat, we came up with two ideas that could be implemented quickly and save us a lot of time.

      We also decided to incorporate brainstorming and idea evaluation into our staff meetings each month.

      We are now more efficient and morale is way up.

      My Manager even asked me to help him roll this process out to the other departments in our division.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Lens on behavioural interviewing.

      I've recently found the S.T.A.R strategy really helps in preparing for these types of interviews. I blogged about it on my behavioural interview site at take a look if your interested!



    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Yup, those questions get asked as well. Thanks for bringing those up. They are common interview questions as well and it is good to prepare for them too.

    • ramkkasturi profile image


      8 years ago from India

      I know you have give some examples.It is a good hub

      Questions like the most difficult assignment you did? The most difficult person you worked with or you have syupervised or similar questions are also asked?



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