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Sam's Missile

Updated on January 29, 2011

Sam's Missile

WARNING WAR IS A HAZARD TO YOUR HELTH The number one fear in America is public speaking over death and after life.  It makes you wonder why the super power of Global public opinion is so suppressed, as we are blinded by the other super power of the Military Complex and the rich man’s media.

When Uncle Sam’s extents himself, the Chicken little story arises. I'm not against anything, just not for nuclear weapons, for it’s the greatest threat to mankind. Yet, I have been told to butt-out and mind my own Canadian business many times. How can I mind my own business when most of Canadian large businesses are own by America’s including entertainment and the media. Canadian are too nice to tell Americans to butt out, yet since I have many family, relatives and friends in the US, I understand why they like to fight, yet, all wars solves nothing.

Canada has traded more with USA than all of Europeans countries combined. It's friendly to have conversation between two people and between two countries no matter how much we may disagree. Then one day, Bush during the 9/11 Grandstanding event, decided Britain was America’s best friend, because they make better War buddies.I think the Constitution of the United States is noble, it's the corruption of lawyer and the greedy, not so much. The rich wage war, the poor die. Then Canada has been force to break our modern peace tradition because of really sour trading action together. USA drove us to kill poor people who never have done us harm.

I wonder if we should make War a crime, and those who instigate it, should be punished as criminals. Should I butt out, if US military bases are in 200 countries? Should I close my eyes to the ownership of 90% of the nuclear warheads in the entire World -Russia/USA? How could the American natives butt out when they were being reduce down to 2% from their original population in the worst genocide in human history? Canadians are too nice to tell Americans to butt out. I am for America it's just if a person is not for war they are not a terrorist.

Bullets and missile heads were allowed to kill one million Iraqi on Iraqi's own soil, No Iraqi have killed a single American on their soil; Thank God Iraq didn’t kill a million American on their soil OR Sam’s missile would of shot his mother load. Canada is more likely to have weapons of mass destruction, wait until the US runs out of fresh water.

The Armed Forces Cries about how they may turn on, to its own people. That’s kind of like the bomb that fell on Hiroshima in which fell on America too. Still today, the USA are the only ones who have used nuclear weapons. I wish us, harmless people could help; there must be some side effect from burning the village to save the village. It’s not so much the military offense that kills people, its politicians kill people.

Obama won the Nobel peace prize for increasing the war budget to its highest level ever. Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in a sense, is a theft to the poor as poverty is the greatest killer of all. To Kill someone to show us that killing people is wrong. Is like leading fighting for peace, or screwing for virginity. War is cowardly escape from the problems of what is war, nine times out of ten, but murder in uniform and killing other than running out idea's to safe your own life feels like a mental illness.

All wars are civil wars, because all mankind is family.


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    • profile image

      castle 6 years ago

      Most People tent to ignore huge ugly problems facing them everyday rather than questioning it.Then taking a small step or large Steps toward solving it.

      For example

      Save Satan , I have 3 times more hub veiwers on it than on any other hub of mine. But very few people will tempt a closer solution towards it as if they are too afraid to.What concept hell is, much like general chichen little brainwashing others that the sky is falling!!!

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Haha whats a 500 pound ugly naked ape in the room?

    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      It's good to know there is brave souls like you yourself to dare to question this 500 pound ugly naked ape in the room.

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      As I read your hub I suddenly realized (again) oh Canadians are not Americans!! With that said,it is in the labels that separate us. We have labels that name everything and everyone resulting ultimately in a mindset that we "are" separate from all things. This creates the ultimate illusion! It separates thought from things, people from people, and countries from countries. All through the power of the minds belief. War therefore is a reflection of what goes on within on a very large scale. When there is conflict inside that it is caused mainly by the ultimate illusion effect. What manifests is often as you describe. War is meaningless and achieves nothing but further illusions of separating this from that. Person from person and country from country. I am of the view that what I do and think or say affects not only me but everyone and everything because I am connected even when I think I am not. Brings to mind Yoda.

    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 7 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      No comment only on this hub because it is the greatest feared topic of all. If we do not support Global public opinion, then we do deserve all the suffering to the max we get from the super power of the military complex coming to us.