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Samsung Is Going To Acquire Simpress, A Huge Printing Service Company Based In Brazil

Updated on February 1, 2015


Everybody knows who Samsung is. Samsung makes many different types of products and people from all around the world praise and rave about their products, especially their mobile products. Samsung has acquired quite a few companies in the past, as well as within the last year, but now they have their eyes on another company.

Samsung Is Acquiring Simpress

Samsung is a huge competitor for all in the same industry, and the company has many great products and Samsung has and will likely continue to make smart business moves. With that said, one of the latest business moves that Samsung is quite a smart move. In case you're wondering what we are on about, Samsung has plans on acquiring the Brazil printing service company, Simpress. For those who do not know much about Simpress, it is actually the largest printing service company in Brazil. Apparently the announcement of the acquisition will be announced sometime on Monday.

The Acquisition Comes At A Good Time

Samsung has decided to acquire the printing service company at a time that they are trying to find ways to make their earnings more stable, so this is a good way to do it. We know, Samsung is a major company, but no company likes to see a decline in profits. And Samsung, for the first time in three years, saw a decline in their annual profits, so acquiring Simpress may be a very smart move at this point in time.

This Is A Good Move

One of the coolest things about Samsung acquiring Simpress is that Samsung has many printer products, and those products can be distributed through Simpress' network, which spans nationwide (Brazil). This is actually a good move because if Simpress already has many clients throughout Brazil, then Samsung can get their printer products noticed by so many more people in that region. This also means they can expand throughout Latin America much easier, at least that is what we think.

We don't know exactly how much Samsung is paying to acquire Simpress, but we are going to say the deal is probably going to be worth millions upon millions of dollars. We also think it is going to be money well spent because now Samsung is going to have a really strong presence in Brazil. Eventually, Samsung's printer products could be even more visible and widely available in all of Latin America. Sure, Samsung could have probably eventually established a very strong presence (when it comes to their printing products) in Brazil and other South American countries, without acquiring Simpress. However, Simpress already has a massive presence their and they have a massive client base, so it makes perfect sense for Samsung to acquire Simpress.

Final Say

We believe that this is a good move on Samsung's part and Simpress will also benefit from this acquisition. We cannot wait to see what Samsung has in store for Simpress.


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