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The EU Referendum - What really happened? Samuel Dass Marketing comments...

Updated on July 10, 2016

The results were pretty shocking. 51.9% of the people voted for LEAVE. As dusk was upon us and the result counting was coming to an end in the early morning of June 24, it was clear that the UK was leaving the EU. Media overage around the globe focused their attention on these nail biting moments and as soon as it was confirmed that the UK was out, the world changed. It is one of the most historical days in British history. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, was so baffled that he announced his resignation. The British people had spoken and there was nothing that could be done except accept it and start getting to work on leaving the EU. This will forever be a historical world moment, let alone a historical British moment. The GBP sank to an all time low and markets were losing value across the world. This little Island leaving the EU had so much impact on the world.

With the EU Referendum out of the way and Brexit officially happening, it's damaged markets and currencies have fallen in value, especially the Pound Sterling. It's at an all time low and a recession is looming for the UK. All this thanks to Brexit. Aren't the government supposed to be here to make the very big decisions for us in life? Nope, David Cameron put it out for the British people to decide and he might as well have just slapped himself in the face. Due to the shocking results, he's announced his resignation and the Labour and Conservative party seems to be falling apart. Why? All because of Brexit. For me, when people voted to leave, they only thought about one thing and one thing only... Immigration. They didn't look at the bigger picture. Now, everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion and can vote any way they like, but it was proven that most of it was to do with immigration. Oh well, what can we do? The results are done and we are leaving the EU and the UK will be independent. Higher prices, higher fuel costs, a recession, no economic growth etc.

A few days after this historical news, another massive upset was on the way. England played Ideland in the last 16 knockout stages of the Euro 2016 and guess what? Iceland won 2-1. Good grief, Iceland has more volcanoes than professional footballers and the population is 330,000. In this small population, they were able to find 11 players to do well in this tournament. The Iceland manager is a dentist and being a fooball manager isn't even his full time job. That flop, Roy Hodgson, who earned £4 million a year resigned from the humiliation. The English players get paid crazy amounts weekly from their clubs and all of them are millionaires. There probably wasn't even one milionaire playing on the Iceland team. The English people who spend their hard earned money are the real losers. We will all be depressed, work 9 till 5 and go back to our normal daily lives. On the other hand, the English players will go back to their mansions, drive their Ferari's and party with the WAGs. Have they really lost? Nope. I bet they couldn't care less.

Looks like this time frame will go down as one of the worst in England's history. Brexit and now this. England have left Euro twice this week, such a shame.

Looks like this time frame will go down as one of the worst in England's history. Brexit and now this. England have left Euro twice this week, such a shame. The worst of the recession is yet to come and experts say it's not looking good. Business people from England who do a lot of trading have been hit hard. People who buy goods from abroad and sell them in the UK will see the costs of buying the goods increase as the GBP has dropped and it's very weak. I was in touch with one gentleman called Samuel Dass who owns Samuel Dass Marketing who is based in London, England. He said that it's bad for British businesses and he himself has already seen the impact the fall in the pound sterling has had. Samuel Dass quoted...

"Being in business for a number of years, I've never seen a weaker pound sterling in my life. I mainly deal with foreign currency such as USD, Euro and various Asian currencies. Before, I could send someone 1,000 USD and it'd be around 700 GBP in my currency. Now, if I were to send, it'd be around 750 GBP. I'll be open and clear. My vote was to stay in the EU. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect the final outcome that has happened. However, for me, people only looked at the immigration factor and not the bigger picture. Take out the immigration factor and you'll have a landslide victory for the staying in."

Those were the words by Samuel Dass who has been in to business for a number of years and he appeared on several radio stations to voice his opinion and concerns over the EU Referendum.

One thing is for certain, get ready for change. Things are about to change. Not just in the UK, we are talking about change in the world. This small little Island with 65 million people is so tiny, yet so powerful and has sent shockwaves throughout the globe.


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    • profile image

      tasha 14 months ago

      I purchased his business system. He offers great help and support.

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      dean 14 months ago

      yeah gareth it is. he's quite a well known guy in business. I've know him for like 5 years. he's a great internet marketer.

    • profile image

      gareth 15 months ago

      is this the same guy who has done a few speeches on the economy in london. pretty sure it is.

    • profile image

      James 15 months ago

      nice guy.

    • profile image

      sandra 15 months ago

      i like his online business system and I like following him on twitter. always quick to respond.

    • profile image

      Chris 15 months ago

      i love his fast email support. i have worked with Samuel in the past and he is very nice. his internet products are really good.

    • profile image

      Demi 18 months ago

      Hey, it's great that Samuel from Samuel Dass Marketing is getting more popular. He deserves to be known for his great skills, he's always a pleasure to chat with. He's a great business man.