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Sanctions hoarding, selling unfinished house: Is it intercepted villa "ghost"?

Updated on March 1, 2016

State abandoned a series of projects, especially those villas "as" not slept together just wasting ball, just disgusting. To avoid this situation, recently the Ministry of Construction issued the draft circular administrative penalty of up to 300 million if investors hand over the unfinished facade.
Recommended but not done much
Do not wait until the last project of sanctions by the Ministry of Construction has specific penalties for abandoned projects, there are more than 3 years, the MPC. Hanoi also suggested the Ministry of Finance carried out the sanctions or tax the owners of abandonment, not exploited. MPC. Hanoi has sent a proposal to the government in particular, the planned tax imposed abandoned villa three months can be around 5% tax on the value of the contract, if after a year it was abandoned villa will be taxed at 10% total value of the villa.

At the same time, TP. Hanoi also asked the government to implement a progressive tax high income home buyers of second or more homes. In addition to the high tax rate% is expected as above, the Ministry of Finance also recommended administrative sanctions abandoned villa owners with fines villa is 10-20000000 / unit.

However, at this point taxation for owners and investors to sanction the abandoned villa has not yet been realized. Meanwhile, the body responsible for sanctioning said, is not built legal documents to handle the situation at home, abandoned villa.

my villa
abandoned mansion Urban Middle Van Sleazy as waste
Why not from there until this point, the industry is still at a standstill in the study of law to manage the project abandoned. It is that the abandoned villas proliferated in the new urban area. The villas crude at prices 10 to 15 billion, without people, exposed to the sun more rain this year in projects in urban areas such as the Middle Office (Tu Liem, Hanoi), Van Quan ( ha Dong, Hanoi), Mo Lao (ha Dong, Hanoi), Nam An Khanh (Hoai Duc, Hanoi), Quang Minh (me Linh, Hanoi) ...

The series abandoned villa is the result of a speculative investor process when the real estate market (real estate) active. The villa built not for the purpose to which investors buy to resell several times. Also, not to mention the real estate market froze last time that newly built villas there were not many buyers.

In the opinion of the leaders of the Civil Engineering Department, if only administrative sanctions for gross building will not solve the root of a series of villas, the gross abandoned apartment building. Even investors have accepted the sanction to be sold as raw construction violations to build another.

This person said, we have the Housing Act and the law on real estate. If the investor does not comply will be removed. However, the recovery is very difficult because many investors are fleeing not looking flat bowl. For projects that require coarse finish complete surrender, but investors do not have the money difficult for the authorities. To develop mechanisms to harmonize the way the parties.

No one should control the wild villas
Central Office Urban (South Tu Liem, Hanoi) is put to use 5 years, but the number of people moved here to live counted on the fingers. The villas are tenants in the street again used for commercial purposes. And the villas hidden behind severely degraded because abandoned for years. But suddenly abandoned house became waste sites around people.

Ms. Thoa Dang (traders curtain) near the urban area, said she rented the villa of approximately 300 m2 to 12 million / month. Compared to three years ago, the current urban area was more densely populated, but the date and sales moved here, I dare not go around the back dozens of villas adjacent non-football located . At night, this place became a refuge for those who smoke and drink alcohol injection. Although most product theft and the thief ran to hide in the house where the victim did not dare chase.

A Van Trung department head said, when someone new moves in this demographic management of the area. The owner of the abandoned mansion did not know anyone and did not know what type of management. Similarly, urban Bao Son Paradise (Hoai Duc, Hanoi), give a few billion people owning adjoining mansions here but to live in anxiety, low aromatic by fear when flying around not many residents. Nguyen Bang laments, neighbors person, distant markets, so I hung around the house. Night dare not leave the house because urban areas deserted too.


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