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How to Save Time Posting to Social Media Platforms

Updated on September 3, 2016

Business savvy blogging moms know how hard it can be to keep up with posting to social media sites. There’s a lot to do, especially if you are on more than 3 platforms.

It’s overwhelming to think about what you should be doing versus what you can do. Yes, can do. It becomes overwhelming when you listen to webinars and blogging advice telling you their number one secret to getting traffic to their site.

It is easy to believe that you can be everywhere on social media, however when working alone you need a plan. You also need to know which platforms will best for you and your blog.

I’m writing this post to help you save yourself time and save your sanity. But first let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might need to save time posting on social media.

  • You have other income producing tasks to do.
  • You have to meet deadlines for your clients, so posting manually will take up too much time.
  • You would rather continue to stay a solopreneur to save money instead of having employees.
  • You’re a busy stay at home mom that homeschools her children and is trying to grow her blog.

Save Time and Become More Productive

I have a 3 step process I have been using to help me save time posting to social media. The first step involves deciding which social media sites you want to be on. This sounds simple enough, but you would not believe the amount of pressure I put on myself by trying to have a focused Instagram strategy, Facebook strategy, Twitter, Pinterest, and SnapChat.

Step 1

I decided that I wanted to master Twitter because I had never been able to in the past. I found it easier to get followers and engagement. I found it easier than Facebook. It was definitely easier than SnapChat.

I took several months to master Twitter. When I finally felt comfortable I began moving on to YouTube. I have added Pinterest in the mix as well.

These are the main platforms that I use to drive traffic to my blog. While I do have a presence on other networks I am consistently creating content for the main places I hangout on social media.

This has helped me to feel better about promoting my content.

Step 2

The second step I use to save time is planning my content. If you have ever had trouble deciding what to post on social media, you it can be a real pain. When you know what your audience wants and have themed days you can certainly plan exactly what you want to post.

Planning your content means planning posts from other creators, planning how you want to promote your own content, and all content that will resonate with your audience. I believe that you should be promoting your content everyday. This can even work well with your themed posts.

So here is an example. You can use Mondays to post motivational quotes that will resonate with your audience. Monday motivational days are also good for reach on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can capitalize on this. So, when you think of content to share you can share motivational blog posts from yourself or from other writers.

Step 3

The third step is to use automated tools to help with the process. The first free automated tool I used was Hootsuite. While I still have a love for this tool and will recommend it, I found I was spending too much time creating my own graphics, and using too much time posting to Hootsuite every week. One by one, manual entry was starting to take a toll on me. I needed something more efficient because my 1 year old was growing more rambunctious and I needed to keep a closer eye on her.

I now use Post Planner to update Twitter consistently. This tool complies all of the most popular posts from social media for you to use for your audience, including those glorious quotes my audience loves so much.

Other Tools I Use

I use other tools to post in places where I have a presence as well. My content is seen in a lot of places therefore I use Only Wire to help me post to up to 10 social media accounts at one time.

I also use Tailwind to help me post to Pinterest.

So how much time do I spend posting to social media per week, including loading my daily Tweets and Pins on Pinterest? I attempted to time it. After I post a new blog I place the link in Only Wire and it takes 5 minutes. I spend around 45 minutes once per week loading my daily Tweets and Pins on Pinterest. That's it!

So now you have it. If this has helped you with ideas on how you can save time posting on social media let me know in the comments.



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