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Saving Money On Packaging When Selling Books On-line

Updated on November 14, 2012
Save lots of money by paying attention to packaging when selling books on-line.
Save lots of money by paying attention to packaging when selling books on-line.

 If you are interested in starting an on-line book business, there is a very important few tips about saving money packaging that you should know.

The link above details every little detail regarding packaging that will help you to save mega bucks when getting your books ready for shipment.  There is only one detail that was left out of this article which involves tape.

If you choose to use packaging tape to add extra security and stability to the envelopes that you use as listed in the above link, then you want to add packaging tape particularly to the outside of the envelope, preferably hitting two ducks with one stone by using it for securing the packages well and covering the label that you have placed on the outside of your envelope with the address to protect the ink, whether written or typed out from being smudged due to moisture or other unforseen occurrences as may happen when in transit.

When you look for this tape to purchase, you can find these tape rolls for a mere 99 cents per roll.  In most places you will find these cost anywhere from two to five dollars a roll.  If you look hard, you will find these at major retailers for only 99 cents each and this will regularly save you one to four dollars.  You will go through a lot of these tape rolls if you begin to sell very many books and this can add a significant amount to the savings.

Adding a significant portion to the amount that you save by paying attention to these various aspects of packaging costs will dramatically increase your profit margin.


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