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Tips For Shopping For A Used Car

Updated on May 13, 2011

Buy a Demo From The Dealer

Is it time for you to purchase a new or used car? Do you worry if you have enough money to put down and enough earn enough money to pay that car payment? Do you worry about purchasing a lemon?

Buying a used car can be a daunting experience. Many of us don't have the funds to purchase the car we desire or a modern car which is reliable. Used car dealers most of the time have a bad rap which makes purchasing a car more stressful.

Have you ever considered purchasing a "Demo" from a car dealership? I did and it saved me thousands of dollars and I got an excellent warranty package. A "Demo" is a car the dealership representatives used for a year or two at the car dealership site. They would use the Demos to run errands throughout their work day.

From my experience most car dealerships usually have a few "Demos" in their lots. The demos have some millage on them or a small nick or chip on the cars body. If you are someone who needs a good reliable car but don't have the money to buy the most newest make and model, you can save thousands of dollars purchasing a "Demo".

Let me share with you my experience purchasing a "Demo". In March 2009 my mother and I started early on a Sunday morning to search for a new/used car for me. Before we headed out for the day we took the time to do some research first. We viewed all of the flyers in the paper to many different car dealerships. Then we headed out for the day about 9:00 am. We visited four car dealerships. We were exhausted and brain-fried. We started to drive home and while we were headed home we decided to stop at one more car dealership. Not that the name of the dealership matters but we walked into a Ford dealership about an half and hour before their closing time. We were greeted by a friendly representative, she asked us what we were looking for and showed us two "Demos" out on their lot. The sticker price for both demos was $12,500.00. The representative gave us a few minutes alone to look over the demos. Both cars were a 2007 4-Door Ford Focus, had a couple of small scratches, a tiny little dent here and there and had about 25000 miles on them. When we were finished we walked back into the car dealership and my mother (which she taught me something) started to make a deal with the representative. At first the representative explained she could not bring the price down. My mother tried one more time to haggle and the representative did not give in. So we said thank you for your time and started to walk out and the rep says out loud, OK, let me get the paper work. We sat down, filled out the paper work and got a great deal on a used car. Because I purchased my used car from a dealership I got an excellent warranty. This is what I got for $11,707.00.

A beautiful Demo with 25,000 miles, 4-Door, electric windows, CD Player and a handful of other extras. The price of $11,707.00 included tax, registration, inspection and a car alarm. Wow, I was so happy and to this day driving my wonderful and reliable demo 2007 Ford Focus.

I hope my experience purchasing a used car can help you in your search. Keep in mind the time frame we walked into the dealership. It was close to closing time. I feel the representative gave us what we wanted because she made a last minute deal on a used car.


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