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Search Engine Optimization Process SEO

Updated on August 16, 2011

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the appearance of website or webpage in search engines. The concept is rather new but has gained much fame. This method of increasing the visibility of website or webpage is a natural one and therefore it is also called as organic search. This is actually a natural way to market your webpage and make the presence of your webpage on the search engine lists. There are other methods of marketing your website or webpage too but they are paid methods. When you open any search result list there are the main mostly 10 related websites or webpages to what you were searching. These 10 websites appear naturally without any paid method. Along with these 10 websites there are other websites in the sidebars these are paid searches and not organic ones.


Useful Tips to Optimize your Website:


Search engines really use the number of websites or webpages to which your webpage is backlinked in order to establish value, importance, and usefulness of your webpage. Backlinking is not a new method but in recent years it has been used by most of the websites and blogs because it is one of the best method to improve search engine optimization. Websites link to other websites in order to gain visibility. In other words search engines like Yahoo and Google value those sites that are backlinked as in this way more information is available to the readers and viewers.

Mutual Backlinking:

Backlinking can be done in many different ways. In one method two websites develop mutual link. For example if you have written a blog on "effects of drugs on emotional and psychological status of youngsters" and another person has written a webpage on "what are the impacts of drug intake on teenagers" you can mutually link your pages and in this way the visibility of both sites will increase.

Fake Backlinking:

There are other methods too of backlinking but one thing should be considered in backlinking that by linking to fake sites or by linking to sites that do not contain relevant material you cannot improve your webpage visibility rather you can be penalized for doing so.

Search Engine Optimizers:

One of the best search engine optimizers addme

Some people prefer to hire search engine optimizers in order to get benefit from their advice. Search Engine Optimizers are professional consultants who can improve the visibility of your websites by using useful tricks like improving the HTML and code of the website etc. If you do not want to spend money on hiring a consultant than their are better methods which needs only understanding of the web world and keeping track of the keywords which people mostly search for.

Keyword Stuffing:

Useful tips on Google Penalty Advice

Some websites and bloggers think that by stuffing more words in their webpage or website they will be able to improve the traffic to their website and their website will readily come on the top in search engines' search results. This may work well for sometime but after that they pay much bigger prizer. First if you use too many keywords in one webpage your readers or viewers will have a negative experience of surfing your page as the page may not contain as much information as it has claimed. Second search engines like Yahoo and Google look for such websites that use too many keywords and remove them from their lists and if you are using too many keywords on hubpages you can be penalized.

Now there are certain easier methods for you which we all can do and are legal ones too:-)

Most Searched Keywords:

Keep an eye on the Google trends and other such websites who provide data related to keywords search. By writing articles, uploading images and videos that are most searched in the major search engines you can increase the prominence of your website. This is an easier method if you know how to write on any of the hot topic you can improve the visibility of your website.

Proper Keywords:

Sometimes the article is written on a very current topic but still it could not gain prominence the reason might be that you did not used proper keywords.


Rather than writing on varied topics, write on co-related topics and crosslink them. In this way your website will gain prestige from the search engines because most search engines prefer those websites that provide in-depth information on any topic.

Update Website:

When you update your website every on and off search engines value your website and regularly crawl into your website to look for updates.

File or Webpage Name:

Your webpage name should have to be as descriptive as possible. Vague names will not increase your popularity rather decrease it. So give meaningful names to increase prominence int he search engine listings.


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    • amithak50 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      We should not do fake backlinking ,keyword stuffing as these techniques will not last so long and once google found it ,You are nowhere to go better don't do these black Hat SEO ..Nice hub

    • rajanrayhan profile image

      Mitali Chowdhury 

      6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Very useful for webmasters. thank you.

      You can try Number 1 SEO

    • gulnazahmad profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks Businessessential I will sure visit it.

    • businesssentinel profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Excellent content. Please follow me back and we'll share excellent content together. Visit me at for news as well!


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