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Search Engines and The Meta Title and Description

Updated on October 20, 2017
Search engines connect us with the world's knowledge and history.
Search engines connect us with the world's knowledge and history.
Search Engine Report Pages
Search Engine Report Pages

Get A Boost With SEO

If you were just attempting to create your first website, or perhaps you already have and are wondering just what you can do to increase your site traffic. There's a good chance that you might not have any traffic at all with the millions of other websites in cyberspace for the viewers to choose from.

How can you give your site and/or the content within your site a boost in the web rankings to attract more viewers to see what you have to offer? Do you understand just what SEO is and how you can really benefit from knowing all about SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

In this short article I'll try to give you an education on optimizing the search engines to help get your article or website ranked higher in the search engines. This will also describe how you can make your site content easier for the various search engines to find and index.

How Many Search Engines

Did you know that there are over 30 search engines and even though similar, they all have their own systems of ranking websites and published content. Google is by far the most used search engine with about 65 % of the surfers using Google. Bing and Yahoo have a little over 30% so I think that it's only obvious to focus on boosting your ratings with the big 3, Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Another thing that you might not be aware of is that there is a way that you can modify your web pages and posts so that you greatly increase the chances of connecting with the well over a billion and some say 2 billion online surfers.

SEO is actually a simple and very important topic for all online business owners to know about. The thing that I think I like best is that I can utilize SEO to help me draw targeted traffic to my websites which can only lead to increased exposure and sales and many others can benefit from what it is that I'm promoting on my sites.

Also remember that we are all customers and clients and we tend to return to the same online sources that we've had a good experience from and so therefore repeat business again and again for satisfied visitors. Knowing as much as you can about optimizing the search engines will greatly increase your subscriber base and everything grows from there.

Billions of Daily Searches

It's really amazing to see the fast progress being made and how even the language barriers are lifted with an app. Did you know that there are billions of online searches made every day and a good percentage of those surfers are searching for various products to purchase.

A percentage of those searchers are going to be looking for your product and those are the ones that you'll want to attract to your website. One of your tasks as a website or business owner is to a draw viewers to what it is that you have to offer on your site and when they make a purchase you get a commission.

The content on your web page must match the title of the content and your SEO meta title and meta description. You can find in the SEO settings or scroll down the edit page and below the page you'll see the area for your meta title and description.

I've gotten some questions recently about whether or not your SEO plugin can generate and enter the info automatically.

The answer is that some can and will but keep in mind that the various search engines each have their own methods of evaluating what goes through their search engine and the search engine results will vary a bit between search engines.

Just Enter The Info and Forget About It

One reason that I fill in and advise filling in the meta title and description along with keywords and tags is because it may make a difference with some search engines and even a slight increase or decrease in visitors over time can equal a lot of revenue gained or not. So I say enter the info and forget about it.

Things to remember

There are 8 things that I'll list that I've memorized and you should too so that you'll always remember with each page or post to maximize your search engine exposure and site growth. So here are some Quality Guidelines for entering your meta titles and descriptions for search engine optimization.

1. In order for each page and post to be labeled they must have a title and description for the content within.

2. You should add your site name to your meta title (not in the page title area). Some SEO plugins do this automatically but you should do it manually.

3. There are no duplicate titles or descriptions allowed, each must be unique.

4. Each title and description must match the content on the page.

5. No stuffing-don't use to many keywords

6. Make sure that your meta titles are less than 70 characters long.

7. Each meta description should be no more than 160 characters long.

8. You can also check for any quality issues that you might have by using Googles Webmaster Tools - Search Appearance - HTML - Improvements.

You can see all of the Quality Guide posted by Google by clicking on this link -

© 2017 Peter Mangini


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