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Search engine optimization - The next step in online marketing

Updated on October 24, 2017
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SEO or search engine optimisation is the practice of altering the visibility of a web page or website within a web engine's organic or natural results. Generally, the more a website appears in the list of search results, the greater the amount of traffic it will receive from the search engine's clients. This then presents an opportunity to convert them into clients. Search engine optimisation may be applied to various types of searches such as academic, image, and video searches. The practice is also effective for vertical search engines that are unique to a particular industry. Search engine optimisation differs from local SEO in the sense that its purpose is to improve a business entity's online visibility by altering its online content in such a way as to ensure that it appears when a user starts a local search for its services or products. Local optimisation (LSEO) is mostly targeted at international or national searches.

Despite the fact that most web traffic is channelled through large commercial search tools such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, social media and can draw attention to your website, search engines are the option of choice for most users who navigate the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. This fact will hold true irrespective of whether your website provides products, services content or anything else. Search engines offer a more effective marketing opportunity in the sense that they target the most important segment of web traffic; the people who are interested in what your business is offering. Search engines are the pathways that make this all possible. If a search engine is unable to add a website’s content to its repository, that site will miss out on a significant amount of traffic.

As an approach to internet marketing, search engine optimisation observes how a search engine functions, the formulae which govern the engine's behavior, what users look for, the specific keyword or search terms entered into the engine and the most popular search engine amongst users. Optimisation of a website might, therefore, require the alteration of its coding, HTML, and content to eliminate the obstacles to web engine indexing.

The use of search engine optimization is a global phenomenon, one that has risen to popularity because it is a cost friendly and effective marketing tool. Consequently, the local businesses that sell their products or services online must hire a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that is capable of providing effective search engine optimisation services to remain profitable in an environment that is becoming increasingly competitive. There are a number of companies that will offer SEO services at an affordable cost. However, for a business owner, choosing to work with only the best SEO Company in Malaysia irrespective of the expense would be a wise decision as it would ensure quality services and guarantee a positive outcome.

For start-ups that need to build an online identity from scratch, there are also web design companies in Kuala Lumpur that will offer professional services such as custom web application development, and maintenance. Some of these will also provide SEO as a part of their packaged offers.

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