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Seasonal Work At Alpine

Updated on June 23, 2010

Work WIth The Best In The Business

            Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors was featured on the front page of the New Jersey Star Ledger’s “Jobfinder” section.  The article discusses the importance of seasonal jobs in the painting industry along with insightful quotes by Alpine’s Director of Operations and Safety, Sam Scaturro. Even during tough economic times Alpine constantly continues to grow and is always looking to hire new seasonal workers that are qualified to work in the field.

            Much of the training for commercial painting is learned on the job by watching seasoned veterans.  Additionally, three fourths of the training is about safety procedures in the shop. This training process can last over eight weeks before each individual is cleared for work in the field.  All of Alpine’s seasonal employees must also undergo a drug test, background check, and hearing tests before they are hired.

            While many seasonal jobs do not offer competitive pay, Alpine’s average seasonal worker is paid between $15-18 an hour.  Four of Alpine’s seasonal workers earned over six figures.  While Alpine strives to keep seasonal workers employed for as long as possible the harsh New Jersey winter months make it difficult to paint outside for part of the year.

            You can apply for a seasonal painting job at Alpine by completing and submitting the online application and then wait to be called for an interview. 


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