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Secret sauce for Start up India

Updated on August 22, 2016

Secret sauce for Start up India

The story of being inclusive is gaining momentum around the western world as we see the "BREXIT" and now potentially "Trump" being a strong contender for Presidency in US. It is important to realize and ponder of what immigrants and specially immigrant entrepreneurs add to lock economies and communities. US by far has the best system and processes in place and is the biggest beneficiary of immigrant entrepreneurs and the job it creates for them.

In the recent years itself Indian who travelled to US to study have decided to stay back and have gone to build "UNICORNS" . They have not only built wealth but also created thousands of jobs. For example Ashutosh studied at Penn State and went on to build Actifio which approximately employs 350 people. He also was chosen an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard and lectures at MIT. Another example is our fellow IITian Jay Chaudhry who heads Zscaler and employs 600 people. There is an exhaustive list of how Indian origin entrepreneurs like Ashutosh, Jay, Dheeraj pandey (Natanix) & Dhiraj Rajaram (Mu Sigma) went to study to US and decided to start there. It is important to realize the employment and the value they build in those communities is more than few billion dollars and is a great case example of countries around the world can ignite entrepreneurship culture by opening their minds to students not as immigrants but as resources and brain power to make change.

India with its ambitious project of @Startupindia should look to closely work with Ministry of HRD to make India a magnet to attract foreign students and then enable them to start and build companies from this place. We have the market, potential and people to build great companies and needs active involvement from all the agencies to make India truly a destination of choice for starting up companies.

Most of the countries including US started admitting foreign students never thinking that one of the benefits would be founding of exciting companies and creation of millions of jobs.But for India we can learn and easing the process of making our institutions a place where top talent wants to come learn and innovate. It is time for private and government institutions to realize the dream of making their institutions truly global and enabling foreign students to use the incubators and facilities to grow their ideas. We need our government bodies to ease the visa and FRRO norms for these students so that innovative solutions can be built for our communities and country.


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