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Secrets Every Aspiring Leader Should Know

Updated on June 10, 2012

Effective leaders are not born because they are made. It took them a lot of hard work and time to harness their leadership skills. Some of them even invested hundreds of dollars in participating seminars and workshops just for them to deeply understand what it takes to be a good leader. However, most of us can’t afford such kind of investment particularly nowadays were our economy is not in a good shape and all of us are directly affected financially. Good news is that improving one’s leadership skills does not really require monetary investment. To help you on this matter, this article will discuss a couple of secrets that every aspiring leader should know.

Every Member is Valuable

Leadership is all about influencing every member towards improvement. This means you must never favor anyone. Competition is expected in every work environment. Some employees excel while others are left out. A leader is responsible in setting a healthy competition. Every member should work hard not because they want to surpass someone but mainly for the overall success of the group. To do so, workshops and team-building activities should be carried out. A few might say that these are just waste of time. Nevertheless, the effect of these activities in the performance of the group can be drastic especially if they are properly facilitated.

Set Realistic Goals

A leader must set up short-term goals for the group. The main purpose of these goals is to boost the morale of every member. They will certainly feel a lot better if they end up accomplishing one small task after another. This is a good way to make them realize that they can achieve more than what they expect. Setting up a reward system for members who greatly improved their performance within a certain period of time is also a good idea. It does not have to be money. A simple gift or a day of paid leave is enough to encourage them.

Great Leaders are Good Followers

The best leaders are usually those who where good members in the past. By experiencing what it feels to follow, you’ll be more sensitive regarding the needs of your members once it’s your turn to lead. Reaching out to every member is vital since it’s the only way for you to know what is stopping them from performing better. You should always be observant. If a certain member’s performance is constantly depreciating, have a word with him and help in dealing with the problem that is presently bothering him.

Encourage Your Members to be better

There is no better way to encourage your members to improve than showing them how it is done. The most effective way to lead a group is through example. If you want your members to be early, then you should be the first one to arrive in your workplace. It will instill an idea that you are serious about what you want them to do and somehow challenge them as well.

When all Else Fails, Read the Best Manual

Jesus is the best example of leadership. His disciples were not forced to follow him. Instead, they all volunteered to leave everything they have and follow Jesus wherever he might go. Every aspiring leader should look up to him. If you feel lost and it seems that nothing is going right with your team, read the bible and ask for guidance. The word of God will certainly enlighten your mind to come up with great solutions to even the hardest problems in life. If you really want to be an effective leader, start by putting Him in the center of your life and you definitely won’t go astray.


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