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Secrets That Gives Your Competitors An Edge In Business

Updated on August 24, 2016

create your facebook page

Secrets That Gives Your Competitors An Edge Over You


Are you into business, be it in small or large scale?. Are you in need of that one idea to take your business to the next level?, or are you an aspiring businessman/woman in need of that one-time advice that will enlighten you on how much (in terms of money and time) it will cost you to have a business of your dream?..... Then thank goodness, you didn’t skip this hub because it contains great exposure to making your business a dream-kind of a business without spending much on your budget (less than $60). Wow !...


Talking about taking your business to the world, how do you go about this? It’s quite simple to let the world know about what you’ve got in terms of ideas, but where and how do this?.

Now , guess you know that billboard advertisements are expensive, and even to host an ad on a terrestrial TV channel is also expensive, and not all business owners have sufficient funds to carry out these projects. But there is this trend in town, it’s very cheap, fast and stress-free, just a piece of information about your business gets it on the world map, it is popularly known as “Internet Marketing” (web marketing).

INTERNET MARKETING: What is it and how does it work?

Internet Marketing can be defined as marketing efforts done solely on the internet. This type of marketing uses various online advertisements to drive traffic to an advertiser’s website (business). It is a way whereby businesses expose their credentials to the world without having to spend much.

Now , I assume you have no full knowledge on this before , therefore you don’t know how it works. So, I will be under listing the different ways you can get your business promoted on the net without spending much.

Below are highlighted steps to take to see your business among the top ranked;

  1. Understanding Your Niche: First, as a businessman/woman, you need to know what works for you, what kind or category your business falls into, your targeted audience (customers). Take for example, a man who sells Ice Cream cannot move to an area where there are no children ,or more elderly persons because he won’t be making much sales which in turn will affect the growth of the business. Same goes to a bank, you cannot locate a bank in a less populated area because it will be prone to closing up, and maybe security dangers.

After figuring out what works for your business, it’s high time we discussed deeply into the topic of the day. We will be discussing some few ways you can actually get your business upfront to the world. Below are the steps we will be highlighting on ;

  1. Facebook: The use of social networking site “Facebook” has proven in recent years to be of great help to not just families but also business allies. You too can also join these groups of business hierarchy without spending off your little budget with just some few clicks.

The opportunity to create a business page and manage it has helped greatly.

Below are the simple ways to own a page on Facebook and also have to manage it by posting business ideas on your business which automatically get reached to less than 1,000 people on Facebook .{you can also promote your page for $7 to also get it reached to more people};

  1. Login to your Facebook account or signup on an internet enabled device

  1. Go to “create page” located at the hand side of your screen when using a Windows laptop.

  1. Fill out a single form by dropping information on your business [i.e. category and sub-category, business bio and contact address]
  2. Complete by agreeing to the terms

  1. Wait a few seconds and watch your new page go live on the web with new notifications of new likes.

  1. You can as well promote your Facebook page by sharing it to others, and simply by promoting. {a new hub is coming on how massively you can promote your Facebook page + a live chat exclusively to my hubpages followers}.

  1. Twitter: Twitter, a micro-blogging tool is also a great way in promoting your business. With just a 140 tweet [post] of characters, you get your business over the globe with thousands seeking to follow your #trend.

With the use of #hashtag categorizing your business in a tweet, it gets it over to the SEO machine on twitter where it gets opportune to come alive with other top tweets using related hash tag.

You can also have profiles on other SEO social sites like LinkedIn,Pinterst,Instagram and lots more.

  1. Promotional offers: Apart from the fact that you are promoting your business on social networking sites, that doesn’t guarantee you multiple sales. This is the one aspect businesses fail to actuaries, they keep complaining of having spent more on a brand they think is good enough for the market especially on the designs and most especially adverts on the product on the world wide web {online} without gaining or achieving their targeted goals they set before that huge budget behind the product.

Remember you are not alone in that business of yours, you have more competitors [if not much], so you have to check-in and see what you can actually do to win customers over to you. You can take a one week of survey by asking consumers of your service[s] [not friends and families because they might actually not tell you the gospel truth] how they feel using your service[s] and what best way do they think you can actually improve, then maybe later before they leave your outlet you can give each of them [both critics] some love by wearing a happy face and also offer them some discounts with a smile on that pretty face of yours and not forgetting to appreciate their efforts by saying “THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US,WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN,WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED OUR SERVICES,IF NO,PLEASE WHAT’S YOUR COMPLAIN AND HOW BEST DO YOU WISH TO BE SERVED BY YOUR HUMBLE AND CUSTOMER-CARING ONE-STOP SHOP?. ONCE AGAIN,WE APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERNS IN SEEING US MOVE FORWARD,THANKS FOR STOPPING-BY..”.

With these I believe strongly you can actually win a lot of customers and fans over to your services with less spending. Love this, please rate this article above 6 points to see it in the Top 10 for this week, and also please do hit the follow button on my profile to be the first to get posts like this exclusively.

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I am live to resolve your complains, questions, please- do forward them to the comment box below or via the following means;

Remember it’s my utmost pleasure seeing you delighted and having your dreams actualized via my hubs.


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