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Secrets of Five Female Founders to Increase Productivity

Updated on March 25, 2020
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Prachi has worked as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web design and development.

Maintaining work/life balance is a common challenge faced by employees as well as business owners. To uplift the balance and bring better chances to manage work and personal life, here are some effective and inspiring productive hacks from five female founders.

Increase in the number of Female Founders

With increase in awareness about gender inequality in the corporate world, lots of women have come forward to address such issues and diminish gender bias. They aim to speed up the process of gender equality and bring a positive change in the society.

Year by year, there's been significant advancement in the economic condition of women. According to a report generated by State of Women-Owned Business in 2017, more than 11 million women run their own business in the US. The number has been increasing at the rate of 114% from the last two decades. The companies include tech start-ups, creative businesses, health care services and many more. Having more than 9 million employees in all the companies, the revenue is estimated to be more than whopping $1.7 trillion.

With so many women progressing at a very fast pace in business field, the general question that arises in everyone’s mind would be, “How they manage their personal and professional life altogether, since they have families and their own health is in question?” To clear the air of this confusion, here are some inspiring facts from five female founders:

1. Instead of Multitasking, focus on Efficient Tasking

Sevetri M. Wilson
Sevetri M. Wilson

A person who commits himself/herself to multiple tasks, then it is quite important to be fully dedicated to managing time accordingly, recognizing priorities and setting blocked out hours to focus on key points.

The popular saying goes that women have natural ability to do multiple tasks at the same time, but in reality rarely 2.5% of them are effective in multitasking. According to a research by Stanford University, getting involved in multitasks can severely impact mental health because of the distraction caused by so many tasks at the same time, leading to less productivity and lack of proper time management.

To boost concentration, it is better to block out few hours to complete the most important tasks, reducing the chances of distraction.

Sevetri M. Wilson, founder of company named after her name, is focused on initiating philanthropy programs and explains her strategy to stay productive. She says, “Time Blocking is very crucial. If you want to be consistently productive, then never let anything or anyone distract you for small things.” She further adds, “Being women, we tend to focus more on helping others, but the foremost important thing is to care about own health, first. When you are focused on your lifestyle, health goals and priorities, you are more satisfied and feel less overwhelmed to looking out to help others.”

2. Work Time and Home Time need to be defined clearly

Natalie Gouche
Natalie Gouche

Various studies reveal that incapability to put a restriction on work time and carrying out the tasks all day long, without giving any time to self, can highly affect the overall productivity of the business. Such imbalance can also degrade our well-being both emotionally and physically. If such issue becomes a part of daily routine, then it may cause insomnia, depression, anxiety and many other serious health issues.

To set clear boundaries between professional and personal commitments, Natalie Gouche (profit acquisition and digital marketing expert) explains, “I am firm about my meeting schedule. I only prefer to book client sessions and make a call only in specific hours. I make sure that I never modify my timings or get distracted during those hours as I do not wish to leak my work into the downtime. Also, it is equally important for me to set few days in a week, where I am not bothered by any work at all.”

3. Take breaks to stay Energetic

Lisa Manyon
Lisa Manyon

According to a study, if a person utilizes his/her break for exercise or a walk, then he/she supposed to be more effective, calm and productive in the working hours. Those people, who participated in the study, report that doing physical activities in their lunch time have helped them to become more focused and mentally active in their jobs.

Lisa Manyon, a business marketing architect of Write on Creative, highly recommends everyone to equally focus on exercise and setting priorities. She explains her daily routine, “Since, my job asks me to spend long hours sitting in front of the computer, I make sure to stay active by having a walk or little exercise for half an hour each day. I understand that if a person cannot involve in exercise, then a short walk is also good enough to bring back the energy. Most of the times, while exercising or walking, I like to listen to the industry podcasts.”

4. Learn to Assign Tasks Effectively

Cat Lincoln
Cat Lincoln

Being the boss or a great leader does not make you the only person to do everything by yourself. It, rather, gives you the power to assign people, who can do the most of your tasks and excel in the ability to recognize those talents who can boost the overall productivity of your business. Moreover, it also means to encourage them to remain consistent.

To effectively hire the employees, there are certain key points that you need to be clear about. For example, you should be clear on why you are assigning the tasks, and then work on providing adequate instructions and training to boost the working of your employees. Cat Lincoln, CEO of Clever (a content marketing service), speaks about the power of recruiting smart people, instead of hard working people. She says that smart people are more effective in dealing with challenging tasks and have the potential to bring more productivity to the company.

5. Set Feasible and Smart Goals

Tisha Marie Pelletier
Tisha Marie Pelletier

Experts suggest that the business goals should be highly based on SMART principle, so that they are more effective and beneficial for the business growth.

  1. Specific – The goal should be focused and straightforward.
  2. Measurable – The goal should be measurable to know how much we have progressed.
  3. Action-oriented – The goal should initiate feasible and certain actions, which need to be taken care of.
  4. Realistic – The goal should be relevant to the realistic facts. It should be achievable within the set time limit and the difficulty level should be carefully estimated.
  5. Time-bound – The goal should have a strict deadline.

On this subject, marketing mentor and start-up consultant Tisha Marie Pelletier is very much focused to maintain the simplicity of her task list. She also makes sure that the tasks are achievable within the set timeframe. She says, “I manage my work by putting realistic time limits and only prefer to accomplish three important things each day. It also helps me to maintain a gap between my work and home time. I have enough time to look after my health as well, by going for a walk, reading and spending time with my family.”

These powerful female founders prove that encouraging women to advance in the economic power is reasonable and they can still have time to manage their well-being as well as of their families.

Progressing in work through time management, active small breaks, self-care, smart delegation and feasible planning, women have the enough potential to handle it all on their own.


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