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Security Systems

Updated on November 21, 2010

When it comes to implementing effective computer security systems both at home and at work, there are a few key elements that all of them typically include. First and foremost, effective computer security systems should always have an effective antivirus, anti malware, and firewall program installed. While you can indeed download and install each of these programs individually, it is advisable to find a suite that includes all three. Downloading all of these programs simultaneously from the same company minimizes the probability of conflicting components that can cause problems with both your computer security systems and overall system functionality over time.

Once you have the aforementioned big three components downloaded and installed on your computer, consider an automatic patch management tool that will download and install any new updates without you having to give it a second thought. This is a great way to avoid the human error and folly that can occur when we ignore the update notifications in the corner of our screen. Security systems that include automatic patch management tools are far less likely to have an unexpected security breach due to an unpatched hole in the operating system, and these tools have the bonus effect of removing one more task from your everyday life.

After the aforementioned programs have been installed onto your system, you can enhance your computer security systems even further by adding an anti spyware program to the mix. This program should be able to catch any spyware that might fall through the cracks of your other security programs, further insulating your system from any danger. Finally, security systems require strong passwords, so make sure that any network password, encryption key, et cetera is difficult to guess. These tips and tricks taken together will make it highly unlikely that your computer systems will ever suffer a major security breach. Good luck!


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