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Security guard gear

Updated on July 16, 2013

A security guard performs one of the most important functions, ensuring our safety at all times. The job is a very risky undertaking. This is because a security guard is always on the lookout against any threat; be it real or imagined. Due to the inherent risks associated with their roles and responsibilities; they do have specialized security guard gear. Some of the equipment that entail security guard gear include the following; Pen and Paper, Flashlight, Baton, Boots, Belt, Pepper spray, Cell phone, Heated vest, Digital camera, Handgun, Mini first aid kit etc. The following is a brief description of the said equipments and their uses;

Security guard gear demo

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Pepper spray DemonstrationSteel-toe boots, aka safety boots.Security batonA modern digital camera
Pepper spray Demonstration
Pepper spray Demonstration | Source
Steel-toe boots, aka safety boots.
Steel-toe boots, aka safety boots. | Source
Security baton
Security baton | Source
A modern digital camera
A modern digital camera | Source

Pen and Paper

Yes you read right. A security guard needs to know how to read and write. There are offices and residential areas that require every visitor to sign a visitor's book, recording the purpose and time of visit, including departure time. This log is important as it can be used to trace some movements. Also these tools are commonly used for the most important task for a security guard - observing and reporting.


A baton is used for crowd control, dispersing a rowdy group or a group that is slow in following instructions from the security guard. A baton can also be used to block strike or jab a non- complying person or group of people. In certain areas one will need a special license to have a baton.


As a security guard gear it holds the clothing in place, there are special belts which can be used to hold a baton. It also ensures the security guard looks presentable and smart.


The boots used as security guard gear are specially designed, in most instances they are ankle length with steel toe models being very popular. They offer comfort and enhance the safety of the security guards feet against stones, falling objects. They are usually very durable and compact.

Cell phone

A security guard uses a cell phone to keep in touch with the outside world, in some instances it forms part of the official communication tool especially if there is no radio call facility.

Digital camera

This is just like any other camera; the security guard uses it to take pictures of scenes of crime, abandoned vehicles, suspicious individuals etc.

Flash light

This is very important at night when in charge of a place that is dimly lit. At times for security reasons there are other areas that should not be lit at night, a flash light can be used at these instances or when there is a power blackout.

Hand Gun

Not all security guards have a license to carry a hand gun. These are firearms that can be held in either hand. They are easy to conceal and handle. They are used for self defense and for deterrence purposes too.

Heated vest

Because security guards spend a lot of time outdoors; during cold weather periods like winter they wear heated vests to keep them warm, alert and on top of their game.


Mini first aid kit

This is a small first aid kit that has essentials that will treat minor cuts, sprains, slight falls, eye irritation etc. It is kept handy in case of any emergency amongst visitors or the security guard himself. It is a key part of the security guard gear.

Pepper Spray

This is used as a self defense device. It is used to disable and disorient an attacker or suspected villain. Usually sprayed on the eyes of the attacker.

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Please share your thoughts on security guard gear. What makes for a well equipped security guard? What's the best of class hand gun, boots, belts and more. Jot down your knowledge in the comments below.


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