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Security guard interview questions

Updated on February 7, 2013

Security job requires someone trustworthy, honest, skillful, and able to remain calm under any pressure. These personality traits are important; since security guards are our defense against attack, and they are first in case of medical attention. These personnel must be organized, quick thinkers and accurate. Security job might be undermined in the society, but homes and organization take the job seriously. That is why they cannot afford to miss a point during security guard interview questions.

Antigua Guatemala: armed guard stands at the entrance of a jewelry store.
Antigua Guatemala: armed guard stands at the entrance of a jewelry store. | Source

Past experience

Security guards are asked about their past experience during interviews, to determine if they have ever worked in police force or the army. For example, during security guard interview questions, they may be asked. Have you ever worked in any challenging job like the one you are expecting? Or do you have experience related to the job we are offering you? These questions will help the employer to determine the one to hire. In most cases, security guards are former police officers, or they have served in the military. This reduces training cost, and proofs the hired guard is qualified for the position.

Honesty and trust

Security is a job based on trust and honesty. That is why security guard interview questions may be based in assessing the trust and honesty of the applicant. They are asked questions related to their former employees, for example. Have anything ever been stolen under your watch? Or what action would you take, if fellow employee stole something important to the firm under your watch? These questions are aimed at getting the most trustworthy, and honest guard. This is because security guards have access to vital information, and documents in any firm.

Solution and prevention

Security guards are supposed to see potential problem, and come up with solutions to prevent the problem. This is very important, especially when dealing with valuable items and documents. That is why security guard interview questions may be based on past solutions and decisions. For example; how would you react if there is a plot to rob this place? Or in case a fire alarm, what would be your immediate action? These questions may appear rhetoric, but they are important in gauging the first cause of action. This shows if the guard would prioritize important things, or argent things.


Training & education

Literacy and training skills are important in any job. They are important to the employer, since he does not have to invest in training. A security guard should have enough training, both academic and physical. This will help him to handle people, documents, and response to any issue. During security guard interview questions, he may be asked; what is your academic qualification, and do you know how to operate a computer? Or have you ever operated a security surveillance system?

Ability to communicate

Security guards are expected to interact with different people. They must be able to solve solutions without any attitude. In case of written communication, they must be able to utilize kind and polite word, yet commanding. That is why during security guard interview questions, they may be asked; have you ever handled a fight without force?

Have you interviewed for a security guard job before. Please feel free to share in the comments below. What was your experience, what type of questions where you asked and how did you prepare?


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