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Security Officers

Updated on January 12, 2014

Security obtained a different definition after 9-11. Growing concerns for public, private, and business safety had turned the private security a $100 billion business industry. Private security officers are often the first to respond to public safety and crime prevention. In fact, during 911 most security officers played a key role before firefighters and police officers arrived, they managed to get people safely out of the structures. Security officers work for crime deter and prevention and to protect those they work for.

Growing interest in Private Security

Business realized that crime is on its top peak times and crime prevention is just as important as marketing and budgeting. The private security career offers a multiple opportunities and jobs to secure business against theft, losses, crime, vandalism, hacking, and other activities that interfere with healthy business growth. Infidelity, worker compensation, bail bond, auto accidents, personal body guards, surveillance all are growing social concerns that create a whole world of opportunities for private security personnel and private investigators.

Police compared to Security officers

The main difference between police and private security is whom they work for. Their employers ,whose goals are different from one another, create different salary range, different duties, and requirements. Private security is more profit oriented and will work on a business budget that is concerned about protecting business operations. Public law enforcement works for the taxpayers and their funding is controlled by the government. Because they are a profit industry, private security creates more opportunities that are non existent in public law enforcement and private businesses provide benefits that the government cannot offer.

Cooperation between Police and Private Security

Police agencies are under tremendous pressure to work better and reduce crime with fewer resources. This brings the private security firms closer to police agencies to help solve crimes and stop offenders who commit crimes against the business industry.

Some federal agencies and most sheriffs’ departments understand the duty and the responsibility of funding security. They hire part time deputies to control and secure a federal building or county courtroom. They are public law officers doing private security for the government. The marshal’s services may provide security and transportation to court, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hires security assistants and security officers to work in courtroom, patrol schools, prevent damages and losses to county property, and to patrol the metropolitan transpiration.


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