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See results with Use of Social Media Etiquette

Updated on July 6, 2010

See results with Use of Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette is a code or set of customs that describes expectations for behavior according to unwritten online codes. There is not an Emily Post book for social media, but there are appropriate rules to follow. Because social media is a newer form of marketing, things can be a little hazy regarding appropriate activities. The rule of thumb to use in any business or marketing activity would be to decide whether you would ever do it in other relationships. There are a few of these social media etiquette items to follow that will keep you in line with what is expected and to show common courtesy to your audience.

Monitor the number of friends or followers you have – There are all kinds of ways to get a greater audience, including getting them from your friends’ Facebook profile pages or official pages, but how effective is it to have 5000 friends on Facebook or twitter you don’t know? Since you can add up to 30 a day, your numbers can grow quickly. Keep your number of friends personal so you can easily listen and communicate with them. Recognize the “social” in social media.

Post valuable social media contentA big part of social media etiquette is putting good content on your various methods of communication be it blogs of Facebook pages. Whether its photos, videos or simply articles, you want it to be real information and not just fluff. Research your topic by setting up a social media dashboard that informs you of all the buzz and hot topics. People certainly prefer the latest.

Be the expert – When you set up a Facebook official page or blogsite, you are the author and the expert. Let all the content that you leave express no doubt in the reader’s mind that you are the expert. When you are listening and responding to your audience, that gives a sense of authority to your posts.

Conduct an effective social media economy Your economy on social media is that you will take out what you put in – just like a piggy bank. When you post good content that follows social media etiquette, people will respond and you’ll get them into your sales funnel. Give plenty of info that people want to hear about.

NO spam – Sometimes you’ll need to decide whether you should or shouldn't leave a comment. If you can leave information that people want to hear, by all means, comment. On the other hand, do not go to a bunch of pages and spam people with links to your site and info that’s been posted to multiple sites with no regard to the audiences you’re reaching. Spam is a big no-no in social media etiquette.

Understand social media – When you’re going to add social media marketing to your promotional mix, you’ll want to learn how to use this newer system. Attend a social media training course or read up on it to be proficient in it.

While social media etiquette is fluctuating in its rule set, use your sense of good business practices and the guides above to make good choices.


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