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Seeing Around Corners

Updated on December 1, 2015

Technology Road Map

The Entrepreneur of Things

Professionals and businesses constantly seek to increase knowledge and understanding in order to anticipate the next change. Working hard and getting an education are the cornerstones of professional success but these strategies simply are not enough in today's global hypercompetitive digital world.

We are in the Entrepreneurial age with technology as the backbone of automated systems and obsolete skill sets. The entrepreneur looks at the world through high emotional intelligence while using their broadening prospective to solve problems and create businesses around those solutions.

Entrepreneurial Trends

  • Six to ten marriages are due to the internet
  • Cars that drive, see around corners, and park without human intervention
  • Mobile Health devices that monitor vital signs and provide input to the consumer and doctor
  • Electronic health records that integrate with enterprise systems
  • The Internet of things technologies exchange information and learn users habits
  • Data breaches and Cyber crime including identity theft are on the rise

The interoperability of networked components combined with embedded software, sensors seamlessly communicate with mobile devices, and when combined with cloud technologies affect the paradigm of work.

Impact on Work

The history of what we call work is dynamic as jobs are more specialized, people work in teams without geographical and functional boundaries. A unique combination of interdisciplinary expertise requires continuous stacking of diverse skill sets to achieve success.

The entrepreneurial mindset is essential to be competitive. The mindset is more than the act of starting a business it is a way of looking and responding to the world. Relying on traditional methods is a recipe for obsolescence.

Learning agility and values are equally as important as experience and knowledge but without the ability to learn and relearn businesses and professionals quickly, atrophy and descend to obsolescence.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thomas Stanley's book, "The Millionaire Next Door" explains seven out of every ten Millionaires made their money through entrepreneurship. The ability to see around corners begins with exploring the following questions.

  1. Where should we look to anticipate the next change?
  2. Do we have the capacity to develop relationships with diverse people?
  3. Are we courageous enough to abandon practices that made us successful in the past?

The Entrepreneur mindset is a great equalizer to remain relevant and a viable pathway to wealth.


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