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Top Ten (10) Green Logo Design for Your Brand

Updated on June 18, 2012

Top 10 Green Logos

Green has been associated with the quiet of nature, health and safety, environmental protection and even lifestyle movement. Green living has become almost a way of life for many people. They will buy a product simply because it is a green brand. Several companies have chosen the colour green to communicate important messages about their company with their logos. Here we will look at the top ten Green Logo Designs and what they offer.

1. Greentack Logo Design

Greentack has become one of the many prominent green products in the marketplace. Its logo fully represents the genre, with its eye friendly green colour, and simple yet effective lowercase letters which spell out the company’s name. The letters are friendly, inviting and easy on the eyes, with the image of a leaf above it in a nice coordinating shade of green. The tagline at the bottom of the company name serves to reinforce the company’s message that they are an ecologically friendly force.

2. Vivaio Logo Design

Like many green logos, the Vivaio logo design use a leaf has a part of its main image. The choice of font is not a friendly one, but rather sophisticated, upscale and done in all-caps. They also opted to go with their name in black which gets to the point. The viewer is not treated to any hint of softness, warmth or friendliness. The design of the leaf is also rather severe, done in white with a hint of green vein and is enclosed in a green circle. This is a contrast to the other logo but shows how the image of a leaf can be used by two different companies.

3. The Bug World Experience Logo Design

This is a rather interesting logo design. The company is a museum that specializes in insects. The dominant shape of the logo is a sphere representing the world. A small grasshopper is perched on the sphere while curiously assessing the viewers. The banner which goes around the middle of the sphere advertises the museum as an adventurous experience. The logo is simple yet appealing and builds the curiosity of the viewer.

4. Spring Breeze Medicine Logo Design

Here a medical practice which specializes in holistic medicine use green to depict their commitment to being natural. This logo design uses a friendly circle in a shocking green shade. A feeling of movement is created with the use of a wave-like yellow-green shape across the sphere. The name of the company is done first in Chinese then in English, using a simple font done in rich metallic gold, which creates an interesting contrast to the green sphere. The variety of backgrounds combined with the elements in this design makes the logo design an effective one.

5. Wishpot Logo Design

This wish list website uses a very simple yet effective logo design. Here the extremely rounded lower-case letters are used, creating a nice, friendly view with the sole image being a flower which springs from the H. The petals give the impression of being blown off into the wind during a whispered wish. This logo design is very, soft, playful and friendly, with just the right touch of class which also makes it whimsical and wistful, prompting the viewer to remember their childhood and adulthood longings.

6. Green party Logo Design

Here we have another effective use of the color green and a leaf done in another shade green to create a warm combination. In this case the leaf is ultra stylized and set against a background. A business-like touch is added to the party logo with the wording done in gray. The same font used for the leaf is used for the tagline, offering an insight into the political aims of the party.

7. Planet Green

This logo design is simple yet detailed and effective. A green sphere representing the planet is used with simple wording on a neutral background. The planet here represents a friendly, inclusive shape that gives viewers a sense of being embraced by the business. The simple lower case font adds that element of friendliness.

8. Gifted by Nature Logo Design

Another perfect use of green is seen in this design as it forms the background. This logo is one that will definitely appeal to its target audience. It is complimented by the use of a white gift box which includes a white leafy vine serving as a bow, and white wording below it. This creates a clean and high contrast logo design. The company name and tagline says it all… Gifted by Nature… Organic, Luxurious, Indulgent.

9. Chaophya Park

The logo design used for this upscale resort satisfies the brand demand for something to advertise their natural leanings, organic spa treatments, and food grown onsite for their restaurants. While the writing is done in a serious upper case font, it is softened by the dark forest green color. The sole image is of palm fronds combined with a wave. This is suitable for a tropical seaside resort depiction.


Playdom is an iPhone applications business, which allows users to play their favorite Facebook games on their phone. The logo design used here is suitably playful, with green being used to hint at the technology that this business specializes in. The sole image is a serrated circle enclosing teo P’s and a crown. This tie into the name in a friendly manner, which is further enhanced by the friendly tagline below, but a moderate sense of business is injected by the black solid letters used for the company name.


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