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Selecting a Reputable Accountant should be a Top Priority for Your Venture

Updated on August 13, 2013

Are you in search of a qualified and skilled financial adviser who is capable of working on a particular or specialized field such as contractor accountants? If so then there are various key aspects that are necessary to consider completely before you go about acquiring the services of such an individual.

Using an Accounting Specialist

In the search for the proper auditor for the job, one will likely come across a selection of accountants that provide a variety of services. Typically there are unique and specific circumstances for which contractor accountancy are required; therefore it is essential to select an auditor who specialises in that particular field. A number of the bigger accounting firms or high street practices are likely to concentrate on working with huge corporate entities, not small ventures or personal tax planning, which maybe what you are looking for, so you should then look for a smaller firm or individual accountant. When looking into a potential provider, it is important to find out if they are skilled in contract accountancy and are familiar with the IR 35 and other obligatory paperwork.

Request References

Whatever the situation and requirements; whether dealing with an individual accountant or a large accounting firm; it is important to request references and research the reputation and standing of the company or individual. References and recommendations from previous clients are generally a good way to get an understanding of the provider and their qualifications and capabilities.

Understand the Available Services

It is very important to understand the services available from your provider, as well as checking their qualifications. When receiving a price quote, make sure that all the necessary services are included and that there won't be any hidden extras. With contract accountancy personal tax details are not generally included, but where necessary this can be negotiated into the package.

Company Size Is Relevant

An accountancy practice can differ in size from an individual accountant, to a company with several employees, often with differing fields of expertise and qualification. Individual accountants may be able to offer a more personal service but may also be more expensive, whereas the larger companies can offer more competitive rates.


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