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Self Improvement Practices in Customer Service

Updated on April 28, 2014

Here are simple tips for improving customer service from top to bottom. Think of it as a master project to get involved in. A customer service associate who works on self-improvement has much to gain as a professional. They are equipped with excellence and they lead the way for others to follow their example.

Skill: Put the Client First

Call the client by their name. Be patient and offer understanding. Gain the client’s confidence. Communicate with them. Take action and let them know what actions you will take to assist them.

Taking action:

Handle complaints and concerns with common sense. Ask questions. Think about being in the other person's shoes. When you do the right thing, your company will back you up.


Do not leave customers out in no man’s land. Help customers quickly and effectively without inconvenience.

The Service Masters:

A friendly attitude, a mature disposition and a goal-oriented approach are good examples of the best and finest in customer service. The character and power of a good reputation shows up in winners who are knowledgeable, caring and appreciative team players. The ultimate super staff of customer service professionals is possible. Everyone advances with a continuous focus on personal growth training that balances excellence and resourcefulness. So why not get involved in a little self-enhancement? The positive effects go a long way in improving the quality of customer service.

Advance personal growth on the job. Make it a daily practice to:

  • Give your best efforts. This means doing a great job in servicing customers. Be attentive and resourceful with a cheerful attitude.
  • Follow a set of beneficial checkpoints. Concentrate on building and increasing quality, excellence and superb performance in customer service.
  • Prioritize and continue to develop personal strengths such as effective listening and job knowledge. Focus on being an efficient and goal-oriented team player.

Create a positive experience for your clientele with smooth, easy, quick transactions. Aim to serve with a professional demeanor that is courteous and kind. Display your job smarts and confidence which leave customers with a favorable impression.

Training for Excellence in Service:

Be open and responsive to customer feedback to improve team uniformity. Encourage dedication, commitment and ethical standards as a part of a regular customer service routine.

Investing in self-improvement in customer service helps to build character, good work habits, strengthens confidence. As customer service team members, everyone contributes their own personal standards and ideals that make a difference in overall efficiency and awareness.

There are other ways to improve customer service skills and techniques. They include job training exercises that emphasize:

  •  Role playing
  •  Practicing effective responses to frequently asked questions
  •  Modeling good examples of excellent customer service behavior
  •  Team members are invited to share in the goal of improving customer service

A business that is associated with care, reliability, and values their customers, ranks high above the rest in the category of best business practices.


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