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Self-Limiting Mental Barriers And Behaviors That May Obstruct Your Success

Updated on May 19, 2015

If you observe all your activities, you will come to know that you do certain things consciously, certain other things unconsciously and a few things both unconsciously and consciously. But some of your behaviors and attitudes may be self-limiting and may impede your success. Unfortunately, human mind is so complex that you may not be able to identify all the mental barriers or behaviors that are affecting your efforts to succeed. But it is necessary you know these behaviors and mental barriers and get rid of them for advancing and succeeding both professionally and personally.

You, as an enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneur, may be passionate about your goals. You may try to translate your great ideas into great results by putting your business on the right path. But if things do not move as per your plans, you may get frustrated and there are chances your passion may get negatively impacted.

Capabilities of knowing such barriers or behaviors differ from one person to another. You can identify certain behaviors and those behaviors may not be 'visible' to another person. Only if you have a healthy perspective, you can know what behaviors or barriers hinder your success. The following points may help you identify those obstacles so you can get rid of them successfully.

Seeking perfection

Perfection is a mirage. You can aim for excellence but not for perfection. If you aim to be perfect, you may never find satisfaction in whatever you do in life. Chasing perfection will sap your energy and you may be wasting a lot of your precious time. You may develop the habit of 'chewing the cud' and will start repenting why you did not do certain things differently. In short, you may always be living in the past. If you stop the habit of seeking perfection, you can live in the present. If you live in the present, you can put forth your fullest efforts on the things you do. So, develop the habit of creating realistic goals and make the sincerest efforts to achieve them.

Pleasing everyone

Even God can not please everyone. So, even if you put forth your best efforts, you can please only a few people. Those who are not pleased with you may start resenting you. You must also not expect that those who are pleased with you will show gratitude for whatever you have done for them. Another point is when you are not able to please people, it may result in you losing confidence in yourself. So, the best way is to set your priorities in the right manner and do your tasks sincerely.

Trying to control people or things

Not everything in your life is under your control. Similarly, you can not control everyone. It is not that you are advised to let things happen their way without controlling even those things that can be controlled. Exercising control over such things is absolutely necessary. At the same time, you must not allow this attitude of controlling others or things to become an obsession. When you try to control others, they may not like it because they may think that you are trying to manipulate them. Therefore, pause for a moment before you have a tendency to control others.

Self sabotage

When you achieve success, however small it may, you must not think that you do not deserve it. Such an attitude may rob your happiness. Not only that, when you think you deserve success, you will be motivated to attempt bigger things. Otherwise, you may get stagnated and may not utilize your fullest potential.

Fear of criticism or losing face

If you fear criticism and hesitate to do things, you can never succeed. Being an entrepreneur, you must be ready to receive criticisms from certain quarters. Some people may not like the products or services you offer. But only if you stop caring about unjustifiable criticisms, you will be able to carry on with your tasks.


If you are a person who is too self-absorbed, you will not be able to “hear" the right feed-backs others give about you and your business. Such a narcissistic attitude will prevent you from succeeding. You must therefore analyze the feed-backs with an open mind and effect suitable changes as you move along. If you continue to be self-absorbed, you will alienate many people.

Always needing one more milestone to prove your success

There are a number of entrepreneurs who always think that they need to accomplish one more feat to achieve success. But there may not be an end to this. At some point, you must decide that enough is enough because one more milestone will not make any difference. In fact, your aim to achieve success should not be for the sake of proving to others.

Extreme sensitivity

Never take things personally. If you are extremely sensitive and take things personally, you will waste your time and energy in defending yourself. On the other hand, if you channelize your energy towards achieving your goals, you can succeed more quickly.

Imposter syndrome

If you think you are incapable and if you constantly worry and fear that someone will find out that you are a fraud acting as a capable person, you can not move ahead. In reality, you may possess capabilities but this imposter syndrome may be preventing you from getting successful. So, it is imperative you realize your capabilities and own them also.

Getting rid of these mental barriers and behaviors

You have to work towards getting rid of these self-limiting mental barriers and behaviors. Experts say that if you change venues for doing your work, there are chances these behaviors may gradually vanish.

Secondly, you must not be harsh with yourself. Being good to yourself may not be easy and so, you should work consistently towards it so you can get rid of the mental barriers and behaviors that obstruct your success.

There may be groups that may help you get over your problem. If you share with others that you intend to get rid of such behaviors or mental barriers, it will help you remain conscious of your aim. You will therefore make continuous efforts for succeeding in it.

You should be away from negative minded people because they may hinder your efforts in getting rid of these behaviors and mental barriers.


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