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Self-hosted email marketing

Updated on July 25, 2016

Self-hosted email

What's Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

As earlier mentioned, if implemented with a proper strategy, email marketing can guarantee high ROI rates, higher than social media and paid channels of marketing. Email marketing follows the very essence of relationship marketing that helps building one to one direct relationship with consumers and clients. However, one always need to select an appropriate option to send emails, here is a short note on two categories of available email marketing solution.


ESPs hold zero tolerance policy for spam, and very less for hard bounced more than usual. Which is certainly justified, to curb the possibility of relaying spam emails. Email service providers (ESPs) or hosted email services aren't always desired to options to send emails, especially, when you are sending to less hygienic email list, or an old email list. MailChimp, Aweber etc are the big ESPs. If your list is current with engaged contacts, then ESPs may suit your need.

Self-Hosted Email Software

But in all the cases, self-hosted email marketing infrastructure is more flexible, and customizable according to your need. In case of self-hosted, you will need to manage mailing servers with bunch of utility based software. Dedicated mailing servers always remain a good choice in email marketing space, as shared network are likely to affect the reputation of neighboring IPs. Other than the mailing server resources and IPs (Ideally Dedicated IPs), you will need commercial Message Transfer Agent like PowerMTA and email marketing software like Mumara, IEM, OemPro etc. Once you are able to configure self-hosted email sending infrastructure, you will always need to keep monitoring your sender scores and IP reputation. Always select according to the status of your list, and type of the content you are sending.


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