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Seller Calculator Now Becomes a Billionaire

Updated on May 23, 2016

You will listen to the story of Shiv Nadar, one of the richest people in India who at first is the seller of electronic calculators, but now has become the boss of HCL Technologies, one of the largest IT manufacturer in India. HCL also included 100 companies in Asia that is growing by Forbes magazine. Shiv Nadar is the wealth of 14.8 billion dollars, or about 140 trillion rupiah. How to travel Nadar when establishing HCL?

From a small family and live in a small town
When Shiv Nadar was born in 1945, India was colonized by the British. Mahatma Gandhi was struggling desperately to free the invaders from the land of India. Finally, in 1947, India is truly free from British rule. In that year, Shiv Nadar was still 2 years old. Security and economy of the Indians was not as good as now. Nadar family at that time lived and the poor region, Tamil Nandu.

Childhood Nadar was also mediocre. In fact, because of the difficult economic Nadar had to finish their school halfway. After completion of primary schooling, he had to wait two years to be able to proceed to a higher level. And so on until Nadar graduation. Nadar finally able to go to PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Nadar work ethic began to appear during his lectures. He wants to make himself and his family have a better economy.

Start working and doing business
In 1967, Nadar worked in Walchand Group, an investment company. There he trained to be a successful businessman. In Walchand Group, he became acquainted with some of his friends who then jointly become a partner in the HCS Technologies.

Nadar company first appeared in 1976. In collaboration with Microcomp, Nadar and his friends in India selling digital calculator. Absolutely, Nadar and his friends make their own calculators and selling it. Investment Nadar was very little time, only 187 thousand rupees.

Who would have thought, the road turns Nadar business lies in the field of technology. From selling digital calculator, he is familiar with some IT officials in developed countries such as Singapore, Japan and the United States. Pekenalan short of that, he gets the opportunity to sell computer equipment in Singapore.

Heyday in 1980
In 1980, he managed to sell a lot of computers assembled to Singapore. When the price of a computer in the year it is very expensive, so the company HCL benefit up to 1 million rupees from selling computers only. Then Nadar ultimately be determined to make the IT company HCL. Along with the development, which was originally a manufacturer HCL IT tools, in the 90s he made a breakthrough new field, namely IT services. The enterprise value of HCL was not karu-known numbers and become one of the largest IT companies in India.


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