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Selling Cupcakes From Home - How to Frost the Competition

Updated on August 2, 2012

Sell Cupcakes

Selling Cupcakes
Selling Cupcakes | Source

How to Sell Food From Home

In order to sell food from home you first need to find the laws out for your local and state area. Many times you will have to bake your cupcakes at a regulation kitchen. You can do this by partnering with a restaurant or bakery in your area.

You will need to register your business at your local and state authorities as well as get a tax id. Open a separate business account for your business and if necessary get a line of credit.

Although you might want to go all out in the decorations department and the little things like stickers, business cards, boxes, and all the great branding supplies, it is best to be conservative when you first start out. There will come a time when you will be able to have your business and the lovely 'cute' things that go with it.

Have a backup plan for when the busy times strike because they will. You don't want to be out of a kitchen and have an order for 500 cupcakes due the next day. If you aren't good at the business side of business ask someone to help you maintain the books and bills.

Eventually you will want to start a website so that you can easily refer people to your services. If you plan on selling at local fairs get the required license and be sure have plenty of business cards to hand out.

Start a Cupcake Business From Home

Frost Your Competition

Selling cupcakes has become a very trendy business to get in to. To frost the competition you need to have original designs as well as super recipes. You need to find something about you and your cupcake that stands out above all the others.

You might start a delivery business for birthday parties or other special occasions. This would be popular today because so many families are busy with games, school, work, and other social activities.

You can even specialize in delivering cupcakes to office parties and meetings. Find something to define your business and set yourself up as the 'go to' person for that technique or idea.

Having a specific cupcake specialty will move you to the forefront of your competition. A couple of ideas might be cupcake wedding cakes, cupcake birthday cakes or even designer cupcakes.My favorite cupcake is a lemon cake filled with lemon custard. Yummy!

Expanding Your Cupcake Business

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